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Bill Gates criticized Corona Tests in the USA and speaks of total mismanagement

Within a few weeks, the United States have become the epicenter of the global Corona-crisis. The Johns Hopkins University, according to the United States reported an Infected have already confirmed are 465,000, more than 16.600 people died of Covid-19, the disease caused by the Coronavirus. And the Nation has not arrived according to experts, long at the peak. In spite of drastic output restrictions tables days before the country even more dramatic.

Gates speaks of “total mismanagement”

The billionaire Bill Gates has spoken in an Interview with TV channel “CNBC” on the current situation in the United States. Above all, he shows that they are dissatisfied about the handling of the Tests: “It would be useful to do so, such as South Korea and to create a unified System,” says Gates. The only way the results could be directed quickly to the people who need it most and the be of employment from the healthcare and the needy. In his opinion going to prioritize in the United States, however, “still entirely wrong,” said the 64-Year-old more. Should not change the, “we’re in big trouble”.

“Every Time when the queue for Tests to take longer than 24 hours, is the total mismanagement. Because of the value of the result is not far less value, if you get it very, very quickly,” added Gates. “In the best case, the PCR Test is positive, before they are symptomatic and / or infectious, and then you can act in a way that you infect anybody.” The PCR Test is the so-called smear Test, one can determine according to Gates, “rapid and cost-effective technology,” the researchers whether a Person carries the Virus.

A city and its people

Nowhere in the United States, the Virus is raging in New York – who, then, are the dead of the city?

Gates also pointed out that the Wealthy have better access to testing, although the health personnel should be prioritised. “You can have someone without symptoms, which makes every day in a wealthy community test. And you can have a employee of the health care system, the three or four days waiting for”, he said and added that the test system is “completely uncontrolled”.

United States: Opening, at the earliest, at the end of may

Bill Gates seems to have also in other respects a contrary point of view to the US government. U.S. President Donald Trump can hardly be expected that the Corona is to overcome the crisis, he said the other day at a press conference in the White house. He spoke of the possibility that the country would return to normality, in less affected regions, this could go possibly even faster than elsewhere. And anyway, it would be nice to open up the country “with a Bang” again. A specific date for a return to normal operation, he is not called, however.

The United States is still far, believes Gates. Throughout the country an extreme standstill Lord must be, before the guidelines for social distancing eased and the economy should be stimulated. He believes that Opening up would only take place at the end of may – and even then only if there are effective Tests. “If we are to take the country over the reins in the Hand, the consent of the population is still very high and the Tests, including some innovations to be carried out until the beginning of June, then we can draw a kind of Opening into account,” Gates.

And a further idea to say goodbye to Trump and co. according to Bill Gates: The government will not be able to repair the Coronavirus into a tailspin troubled economy overnight. “No one should believe that the government can wave the magic wand, and suddenly the economy is back to how it was before this happened,” said Gates to CNBC. “It either needed to be a miracle drug with a cure rate of more than 95% or the width of application of a vaccine.”

Gates noted in the discussion of effective treatment methods for the disease could be in four to six months, ready for use, but the development of a viable vaccine up to 18 months could take.

Bill Gates is fighting against Coronavirus

In the past month, Bill Gates resigned from the Board of Microsoft, more of his charity organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, can devote themselves to. Through the Foundation, Gates has pledged $ 100 million to combat the pandemic course. Among other things, he has Coronavirus test kits funded, people can use at home. In addition, he will participate in the financing of factories that can manufacture a vaccine, he promised.

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