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Body-Shaming: What is it actually?

As Magda Albrecht was a child, about five years old – said to her Doctor: “You’re too fat, you need to do more sports.” This Albrecht was a sporty child, she says. “But it is a big sporty kid.”

Also, her classmates gave her the feeling that something is not voice – and annoyed you. Or to say it more clearly: “I have been discriminated against from Childhood.” For a long time, the now 31-was looking for Year of the error. “I got my body as the ultimate flaws seen, and not even questioned.”

DAK: German obesity find mostly unattractive

Magda Albrecht is still today, what would you commonly refer to as thick. For you, this is not a Problem. For many others, apparently. Body Shaming is called, is currently often a catchword for the phenomenon. It means that people will be shamed because of their body – literally. The common, and thickness. A DAK study found that 71 percent of adults in the Obese unaesthetic, 38 percent think the thickness.

“The stigma of Overweight is a big Problem,” says Prof. Martina de Zwaan, President of the German obesity society. “People who are discriminated against begin to discriminate against themselves,” she explains. The result is that you can not be happy, as long as they are thick. They define themselves almost exclusively through their body. Reuters/Hans Scherhaufer image 1/4 – writer Magda Albrecht was already in her Childhood because of their weight being discriminated against. dpa/Julian Stratenschulte picture 2/4 – Ricarda Lang is a spokesperson of the Green youth. Reuters/ullstein image 3/4 – Magda Albrecht has a book “Fa(t)shionista – Completely happy through life” published. Reuters/Hans Scherhaufer image 4/4 – With her book “Fa(t)shionista – Completely happy through life” like Magda Albrecht to help others, in your body to feel. 4

Prejudice and exclusion in everyday life

Your weight is always an issue, had to about know the politician Ricarda Lang. “No matter what I am – equal pay, child poverty, or coal-fired power: I get as an answer the comments to my External,” wrote the spokeswoman of the Green youth in January in the “mirror”youth magazine “Bento”. “Why take out these Strangers, to give me unsolicited advice? It is so hard to understand that it is neither your job, nor your right, my body comment?“ she asks. In the social networks you are regularly exposed to foul insults.

Thickness have to deal with in everyday life, with prejudice, and exclusion: the fact That rich people have disadvantages in the Job, shows a study by the University of Tübingen from the year 2012. The scientists come to the conclusion that recruiters thicker, people trust almost never get a Job with a high Prestige. For a Department head position, they were also selected rarely. Especially women from the prejudices were affected.

Especially women are affected by the phenomenon

Also, Magda Albrecht is sure that it affects women more frequently, “if you remain in the case of binary gender identities”. The Standards with a view to the Outside were set in women more than in men. “In men, so a small belly is still regarded as socially legitimate.”

And these Standards are daily lives – especially in the media: In the current season of “the Germany's Next top model“ to shame skinny girls for their curves – because others are even thinner. Gossip magazines to analyze the “problems with the Figure of the Stars” and suggest that each Extra Kilo is equal to a pregnancy, or Depression.

Albrecht has now written a book about her experience, so she wants to help others, to feel good in your body. “Not of the body is wrong, but social norms, the body is in “good” and “bad, “beautiful” and “ugly” to divide,” she says.

But why fat people are always discriminated against? Prof. Lotte Rose and Friedrich Schorb’s take a scientific look at the subject. In one of them published a book on “Fat Studies in Germany”, note that fat people can be declared to be a “social burden”. You would be harassed to change their body weight. “These requests appear to be legitimate, caring and responsibility towards the affected people,” they write. But are you really?

Way of perfection, the satisfaction!

“Many people think the weight could easily control,” says Prof. de Zwaan. A bit more movement, a little bit healthier food. If you cannot manage this, has – seemingly – no self-control, self-blame and weak. But not quite so simple. Why someone is fat, can have different reasons. And: “Our biology tells us: If food is there, please eat,” explains the specialist for Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, Hannover.

To lose weight, it need an enormous will – and to keep the weight and then much more. Who trims his body with a lot of self-discipline, don’t look, maybe lighter down on others who can.


Of course, many Kilos can pose health risks. That is why – de Zwaan – be it as a fat man at least makes sense, not more. But it also demands: “The people should not be satisfied with your body, even if it is not perfect.” This is especially difficult when other reduce on your weight – you stigmatize. FOCUS Online/Wochit Belly fat despite a healthy diet: Avoid Fructose-trap!