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What happens in case of consumption of alcohol in the body

At the Christmas market a couple of mugs of mulled wine, to a dinner of champagne and wine, to aid digestion after a brandy in the Christmas season is often eaten only abundant, but also a lot of alcohol consumed. And provides some with the body.

Why power alcohol is not drunk?

Still is not resolved to the last Detail, on which neurotransmitter systems in the brain of alcohol acts, but some of it is already known. With the flow of blood alcohol reaches all the organs, and thus to the brain, where he influenced, among other things, the so-called glutamate Рand Gaba-A receptors. Its effect on Gaba-A reduces the activity of nerve cells, what can miterklären, among other things, why a small amount of alcohol to relax and a large amount of unconscious can make. In addition, alcohol dampens the activating effect of the glutamate-receptors, which reduces the memory capacity and contributes to Blackouts in the case of greater alcohol consumption.

Women get drunk faster than men?

On average it’s true: the same consumed amount of alcohol, women have a higher blood alcohol level than men. In some cases, do not need votes of course. What explains the difference? Women have a higher percentage of fat tissue and a lower percentage of water in the body than men. The alcohol is distributed, therefore, on less volume.

This explains why experts to speak at women of risky alcohol consumption, if women drink more than a glass per day, while it may be the double the amount. A glass of means: 0.3 liters of beer or 0.12 litres wine and 0.1 litres of sparkling wine or 4 cl of liquor.

Makes the alcohol drunk on an empty stomach faster?

Anyone who wants to in the evening, drink a glass more, you should eat something – always say that. In fact, it is true that alcohol on an empty stomach, works faster. Because the substance moves Mainly through the intestinal wall into the blood, must have first passed through the stomach before it develops its effect. The stomach is well filled, it will take longer. However, the following effects of alcohol are delayed, not repealed. Those who drink after a lush meal much, is drunk – only delayed.

What happens if the ppm number is increasing?

How fast someone gets drunk, depends on how regularly he drinks alcohol. The body becomes accustomed to the substance, the usual symptoms of put in some at a higher alcohol level. How strong is the blood alcohol rises to a glass of wine or sparkling wine, is also different from person to person.

The values specified here can provide only a rough Overview, and the negative long-term not include the consequences of a regularly increased consumption:

  • Blood alcohol of 0.2 to 0.3 per mil: most people seem to not be drunk, but the alcohol effects. He is relaxed, makes you talkative and more sociable.
  • 0.3 to 0.5 per Mille: now, Already, is the vision something reduced. People act more reckless than usual.
  • 0.5 to 0.8 per Mille: in addition to the See the affects of the alcohol now Hear this. Speeds are not estimated correctly. The responsiveness drops, as well as the attention. Because the alcohol intensifies the feelings, it can lead to mood swings.

    Who is driving in Germany with 0.5 per Mille (up to 1.09 parts per thousand) car is committing at least a misdemeanor, which usually results in a fine and one month loss of license. The Affected outage shows, appearances, by, for example, queue lines, this can also be regarded as a criminal Offence, writes of the ADAC.

  • 0.8 to 1 per thousand: The motor skills are limited, movements are uncoordinated, Concerned rather lose the Balance. The field of view is restricted to a tunnel view. At the same time people are thinking now, you have a good handle on what makes this condition even more risky to be.

    Per hour the body can break down about 0.1 per mil. So it’s not possible that it is the next Morning still completely sober. The risk to experience the following day with a hangover, is on the rise. The alcohol stimulates urine production, who does not drink enough, you feel the day after, probably a little dry. This can also lead to the eyes are uncomfortably dry.

  • 1 to 1.2 parts per thousand: a rush used, is not to be overlooked. Affected speak indistinctly, have trouble walking, are sometimes very emotional, aggressive or sleepy.

  • 1.4 to 2 ppm: Very likely to see Affected in the world only a blur, or some of it twice. The risk of an accident is not significantly increased, because the coordination of a disaster. In addition, such a Drunken failure to perceive correctly, if you injure yourself. Blackouts are possible.
  • 2 to 3 per Mille: most people lose consciousness. If not, you can not manage it nevertheless, alone, but need assistance when Standing or walking. The body tries to the alcohol to get rid of, even by vomiting. Who is so drunk, alone and unconscious will, may to his vomit choking.
  • 3 ppm is the Level to an extremely dangerous alcohol poisoning reaches. The respiration is weakened and can be completely stalled. Sufferers may fall into a coma and even die.

(Sources: info pages of the “know your Limit”, the US withdrawal clinics AACand the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism(NIAAA).