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Choice Supervised law fr law?

People who have a statutory supervisor, dümay wämiss. Politicians and Verbände want to abolish the electoral ban. However, the Reform lässt to wait

Fighting for the cross: so Far, dümay in the General election is not Supervised wämiss

Who has the choice, has the torment, is a proverb. In the case of political elections, the agony remains for some &ndash saves; however, involuntarily. More than 8&1thinsp;000 German dümay in state, Federal and European elections will not put your cross, dümay not have a say in who küin the future, ruled.

These people are not able to get their persöpersonal financial matters, you have legal guardians. It is not just a temporary arrangement for the care of the court and the supervisor is für säall of the legal, financial, or health concerns zustäfully, the Supervised automatically loses his right to vote. So this is regulated in paragraph 13 of the Federal electoral law as well as in most of the country choosing the right.  

Verstößt the election ban für Supervised against the Constitution?

The law, however, stößt increasingly to criticism. After the Bundestag election in 2013, eight of the Concerned raised in the Bundestag opposition to the choice. When Parliament refused, they Wahlprüfungsbeschwerde the Federal constitutional court. Until the editorial deadline, so four years später, is not the Supreme instance darüabout to be decided.

Against the letztjäyears of election to the Bundestag are now, in turn, seven Einsprüche. Unterstüit supports the Beschwerdefüleaders from the Federal Association life help. Für this is clear: The election ban für supervised people verstößt against the Constitution. "The decision üabout a care gepr&uuml in any way;ft, whether or not the wämiss kann", erklärt-speaker Peer Brocke. "We say: Who can Express his choice-for the sake of yourself, also wämiss dümay and the dafür the necessary assistance."  

In addition, the loss of the election law differently in different regions. So going in Bavaria, based on the number of inhabitants in 26 times häfrequently a supervisor in all matters as in Bremen. However, düdementia may about w&auml Ill more;select, as long as you do not have a maintainer.

The choice of prohibition of discrimination only legally Supervised

A vollstäfull care associate judges mostly in people with an intellectual disability or learning difficulties. Anyone who avoids this, because he has a Vor­worry has power of attorney, may also ballot box to the election. Of a "Discrimination in the Wahlrecht" the Supervised speaks, therefore, Ulla Schmidt, Chairman of the live aid and former Minister of health. 

Some of the arguments, the häoften für the election ban angefübe done, want to let the opponents of the scheme do not apply. For example, the fear of ­­a Manipulation of the election decision by the supervisor. Such a Manipulation is theoretically in the case of the postal ballot mödaily, from now on, every fourth Wäcounter in Germany.

Or the fear of a possibly nötiger companion in the voting booth itself, the cross. The wäre to a a criminal Offence. On the other, accompaniment in the choice cabin today möpossible – about in people who do not read köcan. 

Abolition of the electoral prohibition: the parties großpartly agree

Ächange mübiggest the legal position of the Bundestag. The parties are not averse. Only the AfD, however, is; the FDP has not answered our request. The social Democrats argue in a policy paper für the abolition of the electoral ban. "Here vollj&auml is;men Staatsbürgern a crucial Bürgerrecht vorenthalten", Kerstin Tack, the disabled, political spokeswoman of the SPD says.

Außerdem verstoße Germany against the disabled Convention on the rights of the UN. She speaks to people with disability, the "Law and the Möglichkeiten" to "to wäselect and gewählt to werden".  

Äsimilar to Uwe Schummer argues, the political spokesman of the CDU disabled: "It must not remain in the collective choice right of exclusion." Für an exception to this fundamental right müsse it good Gründe, üabout the but for a judge to decide in each individual case müsse. Darüber was also in his party consensus.  

Parties block each other in the Reform 

But why the &Auml was;change is not implemented in the last legislature, when both government-partner in agreement? The SPD had presented even a Law for a resolution. The Union, in turn, a comprehensive Reform of the electoral wanted to right, in the about the number of seats of Parliament should be reduced. This overall package did not want to support the SPD. Now, the two parties to blame each other.

The theme müsse is now in the new Bundestag zügig be tackled, calls for Verena Bentele, the Federal government Commissioner für the needs of people with disabilities. "It is the essential political part right after the Grund­have law each Staatsbücitizens and each Staatsbürgerin entitled to."

Many Bundesläof planning reforms

Optimistic Bentele, does the fact that North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein Landtag election, according to the law geähave changed. Berlin, Thürings and Bayern reforms to prepare – or at least open to darüber. The information the SPD and the CDU in the Bundestag grundsäaddition agree. Union politician Uwe Schummer wants to abolish the right to vote-to the exclusion, however, together with a Reform of the entire care law.

The guardianship law Reform nötig has also ­Verena Bentele. But you befü&shy afraid of this;at the same time, that such a coupling ­again a long discussion and ultimately only spät a ­Agreement to bring köcould. "It wäre für me is not acceptable, if it is to näthe next Federal election is not w&uuml flaps;rde", the expert emphasized. 

Election Information: Verstäsensitive Erkläof für learning disabilities

But kölearning disabled people can üa political opinion at all? Dafür there are many Möfacilities, says Ombudsman for the disabled. For example, by a slightly verstä- sensitive language. In such a zusä- Version already have all parties in the Bundestag – außhe is the AfD – your choice of programs veröpublished. Images, Videos, or Gespräche with the candidate to convey political information. 

Of a modified and simplified Form of political education and Information wübe sure not only people with legal guardians &ndash benefit; but also, for example Erstwäcounter or people who do not read köcan.