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Corona-the Survivor in the U.S. to pay for treatment over a Million dollars

62 days, the U.S. had fought-Americans Michael Flor in a hospital in Issaquah, Washington, to Survive. At times it was so bad the Covid-19-patients that he had to say good-bye on the phone from his loved ones. His heart, to failure of his kidney and also the lungs are threatened.


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But Flor, 70 years old, survived. When he was able to leave the hospital in a wheelchair, stood up to applaud the staff of the clinic trellis to him.

Since then, the father of a family has a rest in his house in West Seattle. There, he recently received a letter similar to the “Seattle Times” reported. The Letter contained his hospital bill – 181 pages long. Much more than the circumference Flor shocked, however, the amount found by the summation of all the costs For his treatment, the clinic more than 1.1 Million U.S. had calculated in dollars. Converted, this corresponds to approximately 980.000 euros. His heart, so Flor reported the newspaper, was threatened with failure in this Moment a second Time.

The Letter from the clinic lists in detail all of the Items that arose during his treatment Alone, the rooms on the intensive care unit of the hospital fails with 9736 US Dollar on the day to book. Additional costs for the insulation chamber (408.912 US dollars) and the artificial respiration, which entails costs in the amount of 2.835 euros per day to come in. Flor had a total of 29 days for respiration. The total costs amount to 82.215 US Dollar.

High costs also caused the two days on which pile organs were not working properly: The invoice for this period includes about 20 pages and lists costs in the amount of $ 100,000. The entire bill includes about 3000 items – almost 50 a day. Not the cost for his two weeks of rehab, he had spent in the other institution are included.

“You gotta get me out of here, we can’t afford it”

Flor knew that he would be after his recovery is a high bill. During the hospital stay, he was awakened briefly from his coma and had said to his wife: “You gotta get me out of here, we can’t afford it.”

It is unclear at present, however, whether and how much the money the 70-Year-old out of their own pocket have to pay. According to the “Seattle Times” pile on “Medicare covered” health insurance for older or disabled people in the United States. May also the resolution of the U.S. Congress engages in Flor, according to which the homes for the treatment of Covid-19-patients are compensate sick. The enormous costs for the health cushion supply, about 100 billion US dollars. Neither Flor nor his insurance Medicare would have to pay for the astronomically high sum.

Nevertheless, he felt something like guilt, according to the former Covid-19-Patient. He is aware that probably the taxpayers and other Insured person for his treatment costs would have to pay. “With this Million dollars, my life was saved, and of course I would say that the money has been spent in the right place,” says Flor. “But I also know that I might be the only one who thinks so.”

Source: “The Seattle Times”

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