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Hay fever – how he shows himself, what can help

Millions of Germans have it, many know it: hay fever. In industrial countries, it is the most common Allergy.
Symptoms: sneezing attacks, cough, irritated nasal mucous membrane, runny/stuffy nose, red or watery eyes, swollen eyelids. In severe forms a pollen Allergy, the symptoms can be even much stronger.
Trigger: plants pollen, such as pollen particles from trees, grasses and herbs, the largest source of hay fever.
Investigation: in Order to find the right treatment, patience is needed, because any Allergy needs. The allergist can determine with the help of skin tests (prick testing) and a blood test (IgE-Test), in which pollen cause Allergy.

Therapy: Is treated of hay fever incorrectly, or not at all, he can extend, for example, on the bronchi. In the case of hay fever, especially antihistamines or Asthma medications may be used. Also, immunotherapy can help the immune system the immune system’s reaction to “wean”.