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Many calories in the evening can increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases

Women that eat much in the evening, have a higher risk to suffer from cardiovascular disease than women who consumed the most calories before 18 o’clock. This is the result of a preliminary study with 112 participants, which was presented in November at a meeting of the American Heart Association in Philadelphia.

Seven parameters for heart health

The subjects had an average age of 33 years. At the beginning and at the end of the study, from the Association defined parameters for heart health – Life’s Simple 7 – control. When you are seven factors that reduce the risk of heart disease: not Smoking, physical activity, healthy diet, control of body weight as well as cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Digital Food Diaries

The participants will be kept in digital Food diaries, how much and when you ate each week at the beginning and at the end of the study. On the basis of the data, the researchers identified a connection between heart health and the time of eating.

Risk for high blood pressure and weight gain rise

The majority of the study participants ate, even after 18 hours. The researchers found that with increasing calories share to the evening time, the heart health deteriorated. In the case of women, who took after 18 h the bulk of their calories, increased the risk of high blood pressure, weight gain and the long term fluctuating blood sugar. The same is true for an increased calorie consumption to 20 PM.

44 percent of participants have Hispanic roots, you follow the blood pressure were even more serious than in the US subjects.

"Easy to changing behaviour in favour of Herzgesundheit"

"So far, Lifestyle-focused approaches to the prevention of heart disease, what we eat and how much we essen", the lead author of the study, Nour Makarem from Columbia University in New York said. The preliminary results indicated, however, that a deliberately lower calorie intake in the evening is a easy-to-changing behavior to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Follow-up studies planned

The results should be confirmed in a larger study with subjects of different origin, said Makarem, a member of the American Heart Association.

To view Kristin Newby, a medicine Professor at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, the study provides some "really interesting Einblicke" in previously unrecognised aspects of the diet, and their cardiovascular consequences. "It is never too early to talk about heart health nachzudenken", you stressed.

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