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Finally, no buffing more – So you’ll get rid of dangerous belly fat – Video

The majority of German maintains an inactive life-style. The result: Self-Slim carry bacon on the belly around. He’s not a flaw – but dangerous. 8 Pro tips show how to get rid of him.

Excess Kilos on the hips and thighs are harmless. Dangerous for the metabolism but belly fat. It is visible fat deposits between the organs in the Abdomen, lies as little and resembles an inflammatory landfill.

The belly has reached a circumference of 88 centimetres in women or 102 centimetres in men, there is a significantly increased risk for type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. In men, the fertility decreases. Starting at 4.7 kilograms of stomach fat for only five percent of the sperm are vital.

1. You move more

Only seven percent of the people are moving enough. The others should at least try to make your daily workload to expand.

2. You are going to walk more

Almost every Smartphone now has pre-installed a step counter. You at least try to crack daily the 5000 limit. Anything less is regarded as inactive life style. A man who goes a year and a half to two years, every day a total of 10,000 steps to lose fat five kilograms of stomach.

3. You Make Sports

As a compensation to a seated activity, the world health organization WHO recommends to burn per week in 2000 (men) or 1500 (women) kilocalories movement alone. A woman with a weight of 60 kilograms has to go to three times a week for an hour Jogging.

4. Strength training is important

For the Slim down the abdominal strength training is more important than endurance training. To do this, but don’t have to go to the gym. Good Exercises, push-UPS, or the so-called Plank, the forearm support. Try to keep these in the morning before showering. Who creates 120 seconds, and has a good muscles. Best offer on

5. You eat less carbohydrates

Also pay attention to what you eat. Most of the Germans love white bread, pasta and white rice. You swap all of the against the grain version.

6. You change the fat intake

You can reduce meat and milk products. They provide saturated fatty acids. These can make the belly fat more likely to grow.

7. You sleep for eight hours

The body needs about eight hours for the Regeneration. Who sleeps less, whose immune system is working worse and worse. Who sleeps more, moves less.

8. You Avoid Stress

A stressed body releases more Cortisol, and norepinephrine. The stress hormones make it difficult to Remove. In the everyday moments of Stress, of course, can not be avoided, but stress reduction plan. For example, a walk. Caution, Scammers! So you can recognize dangerous credit cards-devices

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