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Good opportunity to Quit: Corona-pandemic makes many people to non-smokers

Shock images on cigarette packaging and ban of tobacco advertising: The policy of a lot of things will come up to press the proportion of smokers in the population. Now the help of an unusual place: it is the Corona of a pandemic is likely to have led many smokers to live with the Smoke to stop, as Figures of the British Anti-tobacco organization “Ash” show. Accordingly, it is estimated that in the United Kingdom alone, about a Million people in Corona to become times smokers.

Even younger men are affected

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The extrapolation is based on a representative survey of 10,000 people between mid-April and mid-June to their Smoking habits of being interviewed. Almost half of the respondents who had stopped in the past four months, Smoking, indicated that the pandemic played a role in your decision. In addition to health concerns, the more difficult it was called access to tobacco in times of Isolation and Lockdown as the reason for the smoke stop. Some of the smokers had quit with the Smoke, because they could not smoke in society.

Figures from the University College London the survey reaffirm values. The researchers had interviewed since the year 2007, every month about 1000 people to your Smoking habits. During the corona crisis, the proportion of smokers surveyed who were not smokers, to rose, to 7.6 percent – the highest level since the survey began more than ten years ago. In the annual cut had indicated, however, only about 5.9 percent of the smokers, to be of your truck got away.

Many young people decided to stop Smoking

It is particularly gratifying that many young adults in the age group between 16 and 29 years, took advantage of the crisis to of your vices to kick. The ratio of the new non-Smoking was higher in this Atersgruppe according to “Ash” at 17 percent and in real Numbers, according to the high invoice at the time of around 400,000. Thus, the value is more than twice as high as in the age class 50 (7 percent). The share of people between 30 and 49 years of age is in between (13 percent).

For Deborah Arnott, Ash Director, these Figures are certainly encouraging, but still no reason to Cheer: “Over a Million smokers have managed, perhaps, to stop Smoking, since Covid-19 great Britain has achieved, but millions more continue to smoke.” In the UK around seven million smokers according to some estimates the number comes from the year 2019.

Increased desire to Smoke with other

Good reasons to stop Smoking, there is sufficient: according to experts, smokers might have an increased risk for severe gradients with the Coronavirus. Also the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) classifies Smoking as a risk group for severe illness, the evidence is still weak. As undisputed is that Smoking can lead to many diseases: lung cancer, lung diseases and diseases of the circulatory system include. This may weaken the body in the fight against Covid-19 in addition.

However, not all smokers are able to report a positive “Covid” effect on her Smoking behaviour, as the recent “Guardian” made public. Accordingly, the estimated Smoking approximately 2.2 million people in the UK more cigarettes than before the Corona-crisis. A woman called to the newspaper “Fears” and “boredom” as the reason for your increased desire to Smoke. Whether and how these Numbers can be transferred to Germany, is unclear.

Source: BBC / Action on Smoking and Health (Ash) / Federal centre for health education (BZgA) / Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) / Guardian

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