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Sara McGlashan The WBBL Player Smashing Sixes in 2017

How was it being on the Sydney Sixers team when they won last season’s WBBL?

It was pretty unreal. I’d say it’d be one of the top moments of my career across all the [different forms of] cricket I’ve played. I never imagined that the WBBL would be as big as it actually was, with the crowds and the number of people watching on TV.

What do you love about Big Bash cricket?

I guess it’s finally put the women’s game on a world stage in that it’s so similar to the men’s [format]. And that party atmosphere that they create as well – they try to sell the product that’s happening off the field rather than on the field, in terms of the atmosphere that’s created. It’s funny because when we first started playing [T20], it was kind of like we [the players] weren’t too sure – it was a bit of a gimmicky game. But it’s also great fun. It can be pretty ruthless at times, but your good days are really good days. It’s a good sport to get into, rather than long-format [cricket] – as a first intro to the game especially.

You’re from New Zealand. Are similarly good things happening for women’s cricket over there?

Ah, sadly, no. Cricket Australia is certainly leading the way with what they’re doing. If anything, we’re probably just piggy-backing on the back of that. There were, I think, six or seven of us who were involved in Australia’s Big Bash last year and the season before, and everyone’s champing at the bit to try to get contracts each summer. So yeah, it’d be nice to say things like that are happening [in NZ], but it’s not the case. Obviously the population is a lot smaller, so yeah, [Australia is] leading the way. 

Now for a few quick fire questions!

How did you get into playing cricket?

Pretty much the classic story, with the big brother who played and you get dragged along with them! Do you have a job outside of the game? I’m a sports manager at a girls’ school.

Favourite holiday destination?

The Pacific Islands – like Rarotonga. Anywhere with a bit of sunshine. It’s probably why I like playing in Australia during summer. Something most people don’t know about you? My mum and dad are only children, so I have no uncles or aunties. I just tend to adopt people as cousins!

Lastly, what are you scared of?

I’d never bungee jump. I don’t know if you could say I’m scared of it, but if you made me do it I would be!

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