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How can you manage to live to be 100 years old?

The genes certainly have an impact on how old we are. However, the genetic material is involved in a new study, only 20 to 35 percent of it. Also, the environment at the place of residence is an important factor: If there is to stroll around and the residents from all age groups come, the chances for the 100. Birthday well.

A barrier-free environment, a higher social and economic Status, as well as a mixed age in the neighborhood are important factors that increase the likelihood for a long life, according to a new study. Women were also at an advantage and were more likely to be 100 years old than men. The results are in the journal "International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health" published.

Author of the study, Rajan Bhardwaj, a medical student at Washington State University, said: "The results show that age-mixed communities for all Stakeholders to be of great Benefit. You support the push to make streets in growing urban centres, walk-in, which helps older adults access to more movement, medical care and grocery stores." In parts of the city with greater age diversity older adults are isolated may be less and will get more support, which helps support healthy aging.

Life style can outsmart the genes

From previous research we know that the behavior can make a genetic susceptibility for various diseases betting work. In other words: those Who live in an environment that promotes healthy ageing, can exceed the genetically programmed age through the life-style.

The Team had analyzed data from almost 145.000 persons in Washington, who had died at the age of 75 years or more. You have to set different environmental factors of the residential environment with the age reached and were able to make in this way, even individual regions and parts of the city, in which a particularly high Chance to live to be 100 years old.