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How To Nail Your Workout Like An Athlete

For the first time, female sporting teams are experiencing the same recognition, respect and airtime as their male counterparts. The new national netball league and inaugural women’s AFL shows an unprecedented vigor in women’s competition, and represents a positive leap forward for young girl’s participation in team sports.

The NikeWomen team paves the way for the female athlete, and is comprised individually of Olympians, world champions, marquee players and gold medalists.

Together, they represent the changing of the guard in Australian sport.

We asked some of the top players in their fields how you can bring your A-game and stop exercising and start training…

AFLW Collingwood Football Player Moana Hope on how to smash every boxing workout…

“Other than footy, there’s nothing better than boxing – it’s a full body workout and challenges the mind. With any type of training, focus is key. There’s a lot that goes through my mind – hand-eye coordination, engaged core, strong stance, head behind gloves, and chin down. When I’m boxing I think about winning, about how every punch can help me on the footy field. For the everyday athlete, it’s all about practice. Putting in the numbers with each element – jabs, hooks, uppercuts, body shots, and fast feet. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe! Once you’ve mastered the basics, speed and power will come.”

Surf IronWoman Series Champion Jordan Mercer on nailing chin ups…

“Chin-ups and pull-ups are a great training exercise to master. The main difference between the two is with chin-ups you grip the bar with an underhand grip whilst your palms point inwards. Grip the bar as comfortably as you can whilst still being firm, with both hands at shoulder width. As you hang, feel control and stability through your torso, you want to feel connected through your mid body all the way to your hands. Your legs can be bent at the knees and crossed over each other for control and to help eliminate swinging or if you prefer, nice and straight as though you’re hanging like a gymnast from the bar. Rather than engaging your forearms focus on locking onto your lats and back, switching on those muscles while engaging your biceps (upper arms) to pull your chest to the bar. You are aiming to get your chin to the height of the bar. Hold momentarily at the top of your movement before controlling the eccentric lowering of the movement. 

The second half of the chin up on your way down is just as important at the pull to the top. A full motion will end when your arms are straight, don’t completely relax or switch off through your shoulders at the bottom of your extension. Keep your shoulders strong and in position holding your weight and controlling the eccentric part of your chin up.”

Nike Master Trainer Steph Bruckner on getting deadlifts right…

“Start strong with those muscles turned on. With a tight straight back, try to bend the bar in tight towards you while putting your shoulder blades in your back pockets. You core should be on lockdown. Stamp your heels to start and shave your legs with the bar (drag the bar close to the body while maintaining a long tight back). Squeeze glutes so tight your hips drive into the bar still trying to bend the bar around you for a tight finish (the whole body is engaged). Maintaining tension through your back and core is a winning strategy!”

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