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Incorrect blood pressure values: The fairs are the nine most common error in blood pressure

The advertisement fools us into thinking that blood pressure measurement with the cuff device is very simple to work. However, even small errors lead to incorrect values and thus often incorrectly dosed medications. This can be dangerous.

  • People often make mistakes when you measure your blood pressure.
  • A few simple Tricks to prevent such measurement errors.
  • Incorrect values often lead to an Overdose of drugs.

Anyone who suffers from high blood pressure (hypertension), you should control his blood pressure daily.

The log of these readings indicates whether the medication and blood is not to be exceeded to set the pressure correctly, so 130 to 90 mmHg.

The technology is good, but man makes mistakes

The most Affected measure the cuff of your blood pressure today digitally via wrist or upper Arm. Appropriate Apps log in addition, the values, and you can send, if desired, to the doctor. But so far, the technique is also, at the end of the human being is always – and can, of course, make mistakes.

When the blood pressure measuring can be particularly fatal. Wrong to high blood pressure values trigger panic, and the drugs not be used in higher doses, although this would not be necessary. Wrong too low, as measured by weighing the patient in safety, and in reality, to high blood pressure, damaging vessels and organs.Best offer on

The nine error when measuring blood pressure:

Error 1: you are measuring the wrong Arm. This can lead to false low values. In principle, the blood pressure in both arms to measure. Most of the time he is, however, lower than at the other. The decisive factor is the higher the value is, however, always.

At the beginning of a hypertension treatment, blood pressure control, with includes, you should therefore measure both arms fairs, and in the future, always on the Arm where the blood pressure was higher.

Error 2: place the cuff a little loose. This leads to incorrectly high values. The measured blood pressure values are higher than they actually are.

Error 3: The cuff is actually too small. This leads to incorrect measurement values. The systolic (upper reading) is incorrectly low, and the lower (diastolic) is false.

Especially Obese often have joints much thicker hand than normal-weight and Lean. The cuff fits properly and is also too narrow. Your Sensors don’t work reliably.

You can be a pharmacy or medical supply store about the appropriate blood pressure measuring device to advise.

Error 4: Incorrect values there are also, if you measure the Sleeves are pushed back, and he characterized the upper arm constricts. Better top off all my clothes.

Thin blouses or shirts do not have to take them off, by the way, the cuff can be created. A canadian study has shown that values at the clad Arm did not differ significantly from those in the bare Arm if the fabric is too thick.

Error 5: you measure Sitting down (properly) and put the Arm with the cuff have a high (false), for example on the back of the chair. The measured value is surprisingly low – however, it is not always true.

The cuff must be at the level of the heart, only then can the measured value with the actual match. The cuff is above the Heart level, are the measured values too low, the measuring point below the height of the Heart, in contrast, too high.

Error 6: Incorrect low values if the blood pressure after meal measure. Because large quantities of blood are now flowing to the organs of the digestive and in the extremities of the blood pressure to drop.

You should wait after eating better an hour with the blood pressure measurement.

Error 7: Similar to alcohol, tea, or caffeine. All three drinks will lead to incorrect measurement results. Alcohol, for example, may first, relax, the vessels far and thereby lower blood pressure. Thereafter, the blood pressure rises again, and higher than he was before.

Regular and high consumption of alcohol increases the blood pressure and even permanently. And that after the consumption of tea or coffee in the blood pressure is usually for a few hours can increase is known.

Error 8: you measure your blood pressure quickly at snack time and are scared about high values. No need to panic: Before each measurement, you should three to five minutes Sitting down in peace and quiet and breathe. Only then it is binding values.

Error 9: you measure your blood pressure, sit relaxed, and the height of the measurement point is true – by the way they speak, however, about the mobile phone. This leads to incorrectly high blood pressure.

Conclusion: measure is best always to the same times of the Day, in the morning after getting Up and evening prior to bedtime. Sit in a relaxed Arm with the measuring cuff should be positioned so that the measuring point is level with the Heart.

You will not have to deal with during the measurement with other things, such as the phone, not watch TV or you don’t speak. In this way, you can be sure that the measurements are exact and the results indicate your blood pressure value.