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Leah Simmons Day On A Plate And Her Obsession With Pilates

Leah Simmons is the founder of BODY BY LEAH SIMMONS X THE ELEVATE METHOD, a pilates instructor, personal trainer, DJ and a mother of one. I’m sorry, what else can’t she do?

Her abs, her booty and her glowing skin. At 39 years old, Leah Simmons recognises the importance of pilates and how beneficial it is for muscle growth and development and posture. Her philosophy is simple- if you work hard, you get the results. Leah is showing us all that anybody can achieve what they want in their fitness journey.

Why do you think pilates should be apart of every woman’s workout routine? Any myths you can debunk?

Well you’ve actually just given me the perfect platform to debunk a common pilates “myth” in the phrasing of your first question – “Why should Pilates be a part of every WOMAN’S workout?”. Why should it be limited to just a woman’s workout? Pilates should be a part of every workout… Male OR Female! There is a huge misconception that Pilates is just for women but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Pro surfers do it. Professional skateboarders do it. Rugby, soccer and basketball players do it. Almost every athlete at an elite level does it (in some form). WHY? Because the benefits that Pilates offers in terms of core strength, flexibility and mobility, postural alignment, deep muscle conditioning, rehabilitation, increased breath control and range of motion, as well as focused isolated muscle group work are endless. I believe that EVERYONE should be able to enjoy the benefit of Pilates!!

What does your day on a plate look like?

 It varies!! But I usually start the day with a tonic of water, lemon, apple cider vinegar, raw honey and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Depending on what I’m training I’ll either have a smoothie or some rice flake porridge. Lunch consists of a big salad with some protein (usually chicken or fish). Dinner is much the same. I’ll usually have a protein shake after training and maybe a piece of fruit for a snack. I’m not a big dessert gal nor do I drink much alcohol.

⭐️LEAH’S HOMEMADE POKE BOWL ⛔️ WARNING: Most of the stuff in this bowl came out of some sort of packet so if that offends you please look away now… ?? Ok. Time for some real talk. I’m not a foodie ? Never have been. Never will be. I fuel my body with what it needs…. no bells and whistles. I can’t cook (actually that’s a lie… I CAN cook, I just choose not to). It doesn’t bring me joy, it doesn’t make me happy and quite frankly I’ve got better things to do with my time ? (The good news is that I know this about myself, I’ve accepted it and I channel my energy into doing things that I LOVE rather than beat myself up about the fact I can’t make raw chocolate brownies from scratch ?) Having said that, sometimes I come across something that I love to eat ? so I try and recreate it “Leah-style”… which is exactly what I’ve done here. This is MY version of a poke bowl and I love it. It’s easy and quick and ticks all the right nutritional boxes for me so if there are any other “non-foodies” out there this one’s for YOU!!! ???? 120g tinned tuna (I like the chilli one) 1/2 cup brown rice (totes the easy microwave version) 1/2 steamed spiralised zucchini (yes the zucchini was already spiralised) 1 tbls dill sauerkraut (yep…. jar) 1/4 avocado (ok, so I DID cut a REAL avocado in half and scoop some out all by myself ☺️) 1 dollop hummus (do you even have to ask?) ?TIP: Remove the tuna and you’ve got an amazing vegan version ?? . . #leahspokebowl #nonfoodie #healthy #quickfood #nutrition #yum #bbls #bodybyleahsimmons

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What is your weekly workout routine?

I do 2-3 strength days, 2-3 circuits and at least 1 mobility session per week. I have also fallen in love with bike riding! I ride with my son to school in the morning then I’ll ride back to pick him up in the afternoon. I just love moving my body!!

What made you decide to start strength training? Were there any hardships or times when you wanted to quit?

It’s sometimes hard to look at yourself objectively, especially if you’re IN the fitness industry. I just assumed that because I was healthy and a Pilates teacher I had it covered. It was only when my lower back started to really irritate me that I started to investigate what the problem was and I was shocked to learn that although I had strong abdominals, I had almost zero strength in my back. Same went for my legs. I had well developed quads but almost no glute or hamstring strength. I realised that my whole body was out of whack. So I decided to do something about it!! Adding strength training into my routine has really transformed my body (as you can see!!)

What is one of the biggest things that you’ve learnt and want to share with others?

There are 3 things that I have learned and one of them is a bit of a bitter pill to swallow…. 

Time to spread some positivity!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Today I have (humbly) found myself being tagged in some posts by a plethora of the most amazing and inspiring #pilatesteachers – people whom I look up to and love ? So I'm jumping on board with this beautiful challenge. Here it is: "All too often we find it easier to criticise each other instead of BUILDING EACH OTHER UP!! With all the negativity going around let's do something positive! Upload 1 picture of yourself.. ONLY YOU. Then tag 20 or more amazing Pilates people to do the same. Let's spread the LOVE ??✨❤️ PLEASE COPY AND PASTE this message and have a wonderful week! @sianmarshallpilates @momentum_pilates @pilatesmoves @viepilatesgoldcoast @fluidformpilates @jjweeks_pilates . . #pilates #positivepilates #buildeachotherup #spreadthelove #pilatesbody #sharethelove #pilatescommunity #lovepilates #bbls #bodybyleahsimmons

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