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If you have small children Lisp, find adults, the often cute. In fact, the incorrectly articulated “S” is often not a cause for concern, confirm the experts. “In the first three to four years of life, many children have a hard time with it, the S-, Sh – and Z-Sounds right to form,” says Annerose Keilmann, chief physician at the vocal health center in Bad Rappenau.

Often the Lisp will stop with age, by itself, says the expert. Articulate girl or boy, the S-, Sh – and Z-Lute with five years still faulty, parents should go with you to the pediatrician.

Some forms are visible, the other audible

In the technical language Lisp “Sigmatismus is” derived from the Greek letter Sigma. “There are different forms,” explains Sonja Utikal from the German Federal Association for speech therapy.

  • When Sigmatismus inter-dentalis, the tongue slips ranks in the Speak to between the tooth and to see from other, usually well.
  • When Sigmatismus addentalis the tongue abuts the cutting teeth. “The S-Loud sound dull,” explains Utikal.
  • When Sigmatismus lateralis, it comes at the wrong formation of the S-Sounds. The Sounds “Sch” and “Ch” are audible changes, when the respiratory air flows to the tongue edges to the side over.
  • When Sigmatismus stridens of the S will be formed-Loud strong whistling or hissing.

Lisp as a result of a middle ear inflammation

The causes of voice failure are many and varied. “For example, tooth gaps or misalignments in children can cause you to Lisp,” says Armin Mechkat. The Hamburg-based specialist for ear, nose and throat medicine is on voice and language disorders specialized. Once the Tooth has regrown, or the bug is corrected in position, to hear the Lisp in such cases, most of the time.

Another possible reason for hearing impairment are. This can lead to a child makes Sounds incorrectly. The disorder may be a middle ear inflammation due. It is also possible that it is innate and it is only by the Lisp clearly noticeable.

“Damage or malformations of tongue, or the palate can make it difficult to be the correct Articulate of S-or impossible,” says Keilmann. The same applies to impaired oral motor skills, which manifests itself to Swallow such a wrong.

The Lisp can also be based on an auditory perception disorder: the child is not able to distinguish between important and unimportant or similar sounds from each other. In consequence, it falls when you Speak, difficult to differentiate Sounds.

Admonish does not help

Another factor is to speak, like others in the family, because children learn through Imitation. “If parents or siblings Lisp, there is the risk that children will imitate this,” says Keilmann. A further cause: Occasionally, a child lisping even when you are tired.

So what to do in case of a lisping child? Constantly Admonish, is not a good solution, warns Mechkat. The risk that a child will be intimidated, and only a little talking there. Or that it is to avoid certain Sounds and instead of “sun” directly “Donne” say.

It is better if parents are to be a good speech model for your children, by paying particular attention to the correct pronunciation of the S sound.

Five years is advised for the treatment

The child has a Lisp, in spite of good speech models for about a year prior to the Enrollment, still, can help a medical examination in the search for reasons. Depending on the findings of the doctor prescribed is often a therapy with a speech therapist. This consists of various Exercises, suitable to the cause of the failure of Language.

So a speech therapist about the self-perception of the child, schools will be able to recognize the malformed Sounds. Together, the therapist and the Patient to practice the correct position of the tongue and the correct articulation of sounds. The tongue between the teeth will slip out of ranks, it can help if the child is observed in the Talk itself – with a hand mirror in front of the face about.

How long is a therapy for the speech therapist lasts, is quite different. “I have already experienced rapid success in five hours, but also very stubborn Sigmatismen, which were not overcome after 40 hours”, so Utikal. The cost of the therapy pays the statutory health insurance.

Lisp in adulthood

Sometimes it also happens that adults Lisp. Reason for this may be, for example, a Tooth misalignment after an accident. The well-known RTL presenter Katja Burkhard is unable to perform her Lisp due to a hearing impairment at all. Some of the victims not have also had a Lisp as a child, had so far, but the pressure to do something about it. Also, therapy can help with speech and language therapists.

However, people need to recognize the often many years of speech habits first, and then change. This requires a high level of exercise readiness and the Motivation to incorporate new habits into everyday Speak. “The victims in adults age greater challenges than children,” explains Utikal. But basically, The Lisp is a treat at any age to.