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More than 600,000 Japanese people isolated over 40 living social

In Japan, hundreds of thousands of people’s lives pulled back over 40 years. The government in Tokyo has released Figures according to which more than 600,000 people in this age group are socially isolated. So far, the phenomenon of the so-called Hikikomori, especially among adolescents and young adults was considered to be widespread.

As a Hikikomori does not apply, who is at least six months to school or work, and no contact with people outside the close family. According to the government, this applies to 613.000 Japanese people between 40 and 64 years of age. Almost three-quarters of them are men. About half of the patients living for more than seven years in social Isolation.

A member of the government said the number was higher than expected. “Hikikomori is not just for younger people an issue,” it said. A similar investigation was came in the year 2016 to the conclusion that approximately 541.000 Japanese meet 39 the Definition of a Hikikomori (read here more about the phenomenon of Hikikomori).

“Difficult to live in Japanese society”

Experts suggest that many of the Affected life therefore drawn back, because they are financially by their parents in old age. Rika Ueda, who works at a charity organisation for parents of Hikikomori children, social circumstances in Japan as a possible reason – for example, the high pressure or the compulsion to standards.

The Figures showed that “it is difficult to live in Japanese society,” said Ueda. The concern, however, people over 60, have surprised.

For the study of 5000 Japanese were contacted between 40 and 64 years, and 65 percent of them participated in the subsequent survey to your way of life. Were interviewed in addition, nearly 3,000 more adults living with people from the target group.