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New study: you have to do with 50 to 80 to be healthy

For their study, which is now in the magazine "BMJ" has been published, the researchers have analysed the health data of around 111,000 participants over a period of more than 20 years.

They found that study participants more likely to have had a longer, healthy life in front of you, if you have a healthy life style used.

In the case seen increased statistically your chances of suffering in old age are not Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, or other chronic diseases.

"Our study provides strong evidence that a healthy lifestyle can prolong the years substantially, in which a person can lead a complaint free life kann", study author Yanping, Deputy Li says.

Essential for a healthy life-style, these 5 healthy habits of study, according to celebrities:

  • non – Smoking
  • a normal weight keep (Body Mass Index: 18.5 to 24.9)
  • moderate, sports goings-on (30 minutes/day)
  • little alcohol drinking (women: 1 small glass of wine/day, men: 1 glass of beer/day)
  • a balanced and healthy diet

For the investigation, the science asked from learning at 50 years old participants, as many of the above criteria fulfilled.

So a healthy lifestyle in women has a

They found out that 50-year-old women at least four of the healthy habits were, on average, more than 34 more years without Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer before had.

In comparison, women had none of the common criteria are fulfilled, an average of 23.7 healthy years in front of you – that is almost ten years less.

The healthy living has a way with men

50-year-old men in four of the five criteria considered, lived about 31 years without chronic diseases. Their peers, the an unhealthy lifestyle used to be and to none of the criteria were – had an average of 23.5 years, without complaints before.

Most of the chronic diseases men with 50 heavily smoked and overweight men and women were plagued therefore.

The now of the Harvard researchers has published study is an extension of your study from the year 2018, in which they had already demonstrated that a healthy life style on the Basis of the five criteria can increase the General life expectancy.

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