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Researcher warns of Cloxit-Problem: We can’t choose for the wrong time

The end of the time change, get a little bit closer: The EU Parliament has voted for abolition. The welcome many German. Also, scientists keep the Back and Forth nonsense. But they warn at the same time: the Applicable in the future permanently for the summer time, this could have bad effects for the health.

In the summer, an hour before, in the Winter, one hour back – a lot of people are suffering from the time change. The EU Parliament has now agreed to a phase-out by 2021. Now the EU must some-the Minister of transport on a common line. Finally, should be able to decide for each member state whether he intends to introduce in two years, a permanent Winter or summer time. (Note: In a first Version of this article, it was said, the EU had already for the summer time. This was wrong. We apologize for the error.)

In a non-representative Online survey conducted by the EU-Commission had voted 84 percent of the 4.6 million participants against the time change, including three million answers from Germany. Most of them were for a permanent summer time.

Scientists welcome the abolition in principle. From your point of view is contrary to the artificial change of the biology talks. Many warn, however, against the permanent introduction of daylight saving time – you can have fatal consequences. A permanent winter time would be for the human biorhythm is not a Problem.

&quot will;huge problems geben"

The most dramatic words to Till Roenneberg from the Institute for Medical psychology of the University of Munich. You have to go in and the clocks year-round summer time, it’ll "huge problems geben", he warns of the "Cloxit".

"It increases the likelihood for Diabetes, depression, sleep and learning problems – that is to say, we Europeans are getting fatter, dumber and Gran tiger."