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Researchers refute the Thesis of a connection between vaccination and autism

After a large-scale study in Denmark, researchers can exclude the possibility of a protective vaccination against measles, Mumps and rubella (MMR) can cause autism. The false claim was brought in 2008 by a study of twelve children in circulation, and had continued to worry parents unnecessarily. Although the study has long been withdrawn and the person responsible for the former doctor Andrew Wakefield had lost due to serious mistake of his medical license, has been circulating the misinformation are still under Impfgegnern.

Researchers have now analyzed data from about 650,000 children from Denmark, which were collected over ten years. They analyzed more than 6500 cases of autism. The researchers were looking for evidence of whether autism occurred more often in children who had received the triple vaccination against measles, Mumps and rubella or any other immunization.

The result is A MMR vaccination is not linked to an increased risk for autism, the researchers write in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine”. This is also true for children, who are biased – for example, because it has already been a case of autism in the family. The researchers also found no indication that the autism diagnoses are accumulated in a certain period of time after vaccination.

The result of the Study is not new, to give, researchers. To them, it was nevertheless important to check the statements of Impfgegnern again, scientifically, to refute false theories once and for all. There are a number of other studies, which exclude the possibility of a connection between MMR vaccination and autism. Some of the researchers of the current study had also shown in a study from the year 2002.

Research examines conspiracy theories

“In an ideal world, vaccine research would deal only with scientific hypotheses, and not conspiracy theories”, commenting on the U.S.-physicians, Saad Omer and Inci Yildirim the current study. Nevertheless, it is the task of science is dangerous incorrect information to uncover.

The world health organization (WHO) has declared the avoidance or delay of vaccination recently to one of ten major threats to health worldwide. So she is on a list with Ebola, antibiotic resistance and air pollution. Thanks to systematic Vaccination, diseases such as measles could have been eradicated, the required ratio is not met, however, in all age groups, not even in Germany. In the Philippines at the beginning have died since the year, at least 136 people to measles. About 40 percent of the victims were children between one and four years.