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Individual and austere: So makes sense Metabolic Balance

From the second Phase, eight important rules for Metabolic Balance. A: Every day eat an Apple (icon image)

Metabolic Balance is basically not a diet in the traditional sense, but a nutritional concept that is tailored to the individual metabolism, says the German Internist and nutritional expert Wolf Funfack, developed the concept in 2002, together with Silvia Bürkle, engineer for food technology. For any decreasing need to agree with an individual nutrition plan, a consultant by using the information on personal likes, dislikes, diseases or intolerances as well as various blood values. With this Plan, the fat should recede cushion and vitality and health into old age will remain intact. After a preliminary discussion, one can acquire the diet plan online, according to a preliminary interview. The consultation is then carried out by telephone or on the Metabolic Balance App, available for Android and iOS operating systems.

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Metabolic Balance: a solution to the insulin problem?

The concept is based – like other nutrition and slimming concepts – especially on the insulin problem: Because in our culture, too many carbohydrates are consumed, fluctuates the blood sugar level often soars high and falls again, what can hot cause hunger attacks and Obesity. Because the consumption of carbohydrates: The carbohydrates are converted into a type of sugar, the glucose. The pancreas releases then Insulin to bring the sugar into the cells – this gain from the sugar, your energy. In the case of a permanent excess supply, the cells cannot use fat as an additional energy supplier. The fat can thus not be broken down and stored. So the diseases of civilization such as type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, and high blood develop fat. In the strict diet phase of the program are allowed, therefore, hardly any carbohydrates.

The principle of Metabolic Balance

On the Basis of 36 determined in the Blood of program assets and personal information on likes, dislikes, diseases and intolerances created a PC-a customized diet plan. How exactly the diet works scientific, can not explain the experts, since the Creator Wolf Funfack reveals his “secret formula”. It is only known that by using the data of food are selected, to help, to harmonise the individual hormonal balance and the metabolism.

Metabolic Balance is made up of four phases:

Phase 1 lasts for two days. In this time the body should be prepared for the new diet. Therefore, it is emptied, such as at the beginning of a diet – first of all, the colon completely in order to avoid food cravings too. In addition, the body gets only light food to eat, such as in the morning, only half of the Breakfast, lunch, a vegetable soup and an Apple and in the evening raw, steamed or boiled vegetables. Or a decrease in the willing to eat for a whole day, just a food, such as potatoes, vegetables or rice.

Phase 2 is called the “strict adjustment phase” means. It will take at least two weeks and requires a lot of discipline. Within this period of time, the eight nutrition rules apply (see Details), specifying, among other things, how many meals should be when and in what intervals to eat. Moreover, only the individual food plan the specified food consumed: So for the one about cottage cheese and mangoes allowed, while another sheep cheese and BlackBerry access is allowed. Per day the decline in consent to of three low-carbohydrate and protein-rich meals in the Form of fish, eggs, dairy products, and lean meat to be. As a side dish vegetable; the typical side dishes such as pasta, rice or potatoes are forbidden. The quantities that end up on the plate, are severely limited. Due to the low number of Calories consumed in this Phase, take many with Metabolic Balance well.

In Phase 3, the “loose transition” phase, test participants, how certain foods react. In one of the three meals per day are now allowed more carbohydrates, such as pasta or rice. In addition, you may not in so-called cheat days for the strict quantity target to ignore. Also alcohol in the Form of wine and beer is then allowed. Now, movement is recommended.

Phase 4 is the “preservation of rabbit”, the so far achieved success: The duration of this Phase is not limited. Who has sometime back a few pounds too much on the Ribs, can return Funfack, simply for a few days in the “strict Phase”.

Plan a nutrition expert

The Prep diet is to use this method in the long term, slim?

Metabolic Balance: The intricacies decide

In addition to the individual food selection are eight simple rules to follow – you can apply from the second Phase.

Rule 1 – On the day are exactly three meals allowed

Rule 2 – between meals must be at least five hours, because between meals and Snacks metabolic processes interfere and so food cravings in favour of.

Rule 3 – A meal should not be longer than 60 minutes.

Rule 4 – Each meal should be one to two bites of protein to start. Thus, advocates first of all the digestive enzymes enter the view of the Metabolic Balance in the Plan, the columns, the proteins. To be consumed after the “unfavorable” carbohydrates, will stimulate the production of insulin, with a time delay, cravings should fail.

Rule 5 – every meal is only a Eiweißart allowed, wherein in each of the three meals a day, a different Eiweißart should be.

Rule 6 – After 21 o’clock nothing more to eat.

Rule 7 – Each participant daily a certain amount of water to drink – 35 ml per kilogram of body weight spread throughout the day. What very much is. Even in the case of normal-weight two to three liters of come together. Tea and coffee are only of the or shortly after eating.

Rule 8 – An Apple a day is mandatory.

Metabolic Balance is not exactly cheap: blood analysis and diet plan costs about 360 Euro. Depending on what additional services the Advisor will vary the price.

The Metabolic Balance GmbH offers training courses, the prospective caregivers without specific previous knowledge for about 1000 Euro for training. Doctors and health practitioners will be offered a shortened training. The function of the supervisor are for the guidance of the slimming willing to be responsible. This training was not sufficient to ensure a competent nutritional advice, criticise experts.

Metabolic Balance in the practice-Check

The food varies in different phases: In the second Phase, in the morning, for example, 200 grams of natural yoghurt and an Apple. Weighed 125 grams of poultry with 130 grams of spinach may at noon to be eaten. For dinner, 135 grams of Cod and 140 grams of fennel to land on the plate.

A Minus: cooking is in strict second Phase almost impossible, since many foods are forbidden and quantities must be accurately weighed. Even if several slimming together willing, you can not eat due to their individual diet plans are often the same. Restaurant visits are suitable until Phase three in the Plan to the “cheat days”.

Unhealthy Overweight

You need to lose weight? These body values reveal it to you

Scientific Evaluation

“The theories of the Metabolic Balance concept is not scientifically justified,” says nutrition expert Ursel true castle. So neither is the blood test are the various theories of the proteins in a comprehensible manner.

Similarly, the consumer advice centre North Rhine-sees-Westphalia: “assuming that once determined blood values actually are meaningful, so there is no scientifically proven connection between the identified blood it is still values, and a reduction in weight.” The dietary rules were not questionable, the food assignments are understandable. “The weight loss of relying solely on calorie restriction”, so the judgment of the consumer advocates. You could keep the little varied food hardly, be pre-programmed to the yo-yo effect.


In the principle of Balance behind Metabolic a low calorie mixed diet with increased protein and reduced carbohydrate content. This can be quite slimming, as well as other approaches. However, this diet is to carry out the shape in everyday life is often difficult: The long pauses between the meals, many participants in the effort. In addition, the program is expensive. Since the theories of a diet keep scientific Review does not stand, advise the experts of this diet.

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