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Second opinion may be worthwhile

Must be the surgery really? The visit of another doctor eröopened, not infrequently, other perspectives, for example, in the case of cancer or orthopäcircadian problems

In The Dichotomy: Häoften fäfrom the llt, the second opinion is different than the first

Out to the almonds? A doctor answered this question, ent­also the place of residence is eliminated. In some German land to be removed up to eight Times as many children, the tonsils, as in ande&shy circles;ren, shows a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation. A good reason for a SURGICAL recommendation for a second opinion.

This is the view of the experts of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), one of the most important Beschluss&shy are;bodies of the German health care system. Together with the removal of the Gebäcellses has been added to the almond-OP, therefore, as the first indication in the list of interventions in which patients küin the future, the right to a ämedical second have opinion.

Häsingle-stage single-handle scalpel

The right to it is enshrined in a new feature of the Versorgungsstärkungsgesetzes. The right to a ämedical second opinion, so heißt there is für patients at "to plan, mengenanfädigit Eingriffen". This means that The Operation must not be today or tomorrow. Außin addition, there is evidence that Ädoctors engage in these indications often to the scalpel. An objective of this clause is, therefore, to reduce the number of interventions – and to save money. The task of the G-BA is to work out which operations are covered under this scheme.

Last September, the first two decisions gef&auml were;llt. With the selection of patients and Verbrauchersch&uuml are;backers quite satisfied – if more disease-pictures to follow. "In the case of the almonds of the urgent suspicion that too often operates, as well as the Geb&auml is;rmutter", erklärt Dr. Ilona Köster-stone Creek from the Federation of German consumer organisations. Unlike orthopäcircadian interventions – for example, on the Rücover – this is also less known.

Right of free choice of doctor use

Overall, the health expert is the formulation of the new Directive but "very unglücklich". "The Wüon the basis of the patient’s vorbei&quot completely;, you criticized. These have the Bedürfnis to ­a second opinion not only in plan­indirect interventions. Especially in the case of cancer, neurological disorders, and heart problems wüauthorities, many Sufferers like to ask another doctor for advice.

If there is any doubt you should do in any case, rät Dr. Johannes Schenkel, ämedical Director of the Unabhäan independent patient counseling Germany (UPD). Even if the act conveys the impression that it is entitled to a second opinion only in the case of the angefüinability to surgery give: "The Möurgent has anyone Pa­tient, and almost immer", stressed legs. The right of free choice of doctor would allow it, at any time, a different handler.

The difference with the new statutory regulations: In the case of the above-mentioned interventions, there is now a structured approach. The attending physician must make the patient in a timely manner to be quite attentive. The second reviewer müshot special qualifications.

* (On the Facebook page of the pharmacies Umschau voted üby the way 33% no 67% Yes)

Ädoctors do not seem to be so rare to be mistaken

A second opinion grundsäin addition, it might be reasonable to suggest many of the studies. Schließlich köcan also Ädoctors are wrong – and do the apparently not so rare. An American study showed that many are already in the diagnosis of the mark. Each füfifth, patients were Ädoctors at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota a vöcompletely different disease than that of the überweisende physicians.

Also when it comes to the right treatment, Ädoctors often disagree. For example, in the case of interventions on the Wirbelsäule. Since 2010, the techniker Krankenkasse (TK) offers a special second opinion program. Rät a doctor to Rücover-OP, can agree to any Insured within two days a second examination appointment at a pain center. Only in one out of ten Fäcases, said the team of experts also für the Operation. Fümany patients was the second Council, apparently, the right thing to do. "We have geprüft, what the patients wurde", TK speaker Michael Ihly reported. Nine out of ten, which was not recommended by the OP, had a year später is not under the scalpel.

Second opinion for cancer

That also in the case of cancer, a further Einschäup makes sense, the project "Second Opinion Hodentumor". This calls for Ädoctors on its proposal prüto make fen. Any urologist can send findings and therapeutic recommendations to one of 30 centres, around 6,000 have been used in the meantime. In about 40 percent of the Fälle ­gave way to the First and second opinion differ from one another. "Especially those who treat themselves to a clinic with less experience lässt, you should get a second opinion erwägen", Verbrauchersch&uuml says;tzerin Köster-stone Creek.

But what to do, if I as a Patient get a second opinion have mökilled – but not to almond or Gebäcellses problems suffer? UPD-expert leg rät, doubt zunäfirst of all, the doctor. Also, the health insurance köcan help: About the Hähalf offers certain special programs. Darüaddition, unterstüsome of the support members außoutside of second-opinion programs in the search for a specialist.

Private providers to obtain second opinions

There are also private providers, to Obtain a second opinion für the patient organize. Their services are usually subject to a fee, some work with insurance companies.

Häoften, the Affected person himself must take the Initiative. An important step is the doctor’s findings as Röntgenauf took, and laboratory values aushäto let ended. "To ensure each Patient has a Recht", stressed legs. Apply köcan höno more than copying costs. He rät, the handler also request a second opinion. "A good physician should this not as an attack on his Autorität auffassen", also K&ouml says;ster-stone Creek.

Divergent results is open to appeal

Agrees with the second opinion with the first üagreement, the doubt ausrätrees. However, if these differ significantly? During operations, this should not unsettle the people, so-leg. Schließa Patient seeks out the second doctor, mostly because he is not afraid of the surgery. Rät this is the Sick bestätaken fümiss.

But widersprüfrail recommendations köcan also unsettle. "Discuss the difference in the results with the Clinician to haben&quot you more confidence;, rät Schen­kel. The Doctor-Patient Verhäratio könne improve even. "Often, the doctor is not at all clear that his Patient has doubts."

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