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Social Distancing: do you Keep enough distance?

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“Please keep your distance” – this prompt determines just our everyday life. In the fight against the Coronavirus and the spread of the potentially deadly disease Covid-19, we are all called to “Social Distancing”.

The rules should now be clear and we have all heard already, how can we help to slow down the pandemic. However, many of the questions I personally had enough? What is my “pandemic footprint”?

Germany, as a long time ago

These places and landscapes have hardly changed for centuries

I keep enough distance?

It is exactly in this question you can now find the answer: On the Website “Pandemic Footprint” can you determine, on the basis of some simple questions, how big is your share of the containment of the Coronavirus is. You keep enough distance, you stay frequently at home, how many people do you meet in the sectional – so-simple questions that promote in the end a clear insight.

Behind the Website is a private, non-commercial project. The creators want us to open the eyes and make it clear that we are now asking all of you. On the page, you request: “Take the current instructions and rules seriously! Only in the community, we can do it! ”

Still Corona-parties

The Motto “Together against Corona” is marked, reporting and initiatives, particularly solidarity and remarkable projects in the fight against Corona. The Initiator of the action is the Bertelsmann Content Alliance, which also includes the publishing house Gruner of the year, belongs to, in which the star appears.

Although in Germany there is no official output is lock, have been called upon citizens to date, as much as possible in their own four walls to stop and keep largest possible distance to the others. To these rules, not all people unfortunately still.

Still, some of the unteachable men to Corona-parties or private gatherings, meet in the Park, by the lake or in the other home. The Website “Pandemic Footprint” makes this point clearly, how damaging such behavior is. At such Meeting the personal pandemic footprint is skyrocketing – and the personal responsibility that infect others with the Virus increases dramatically.

We once again recall the words of German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “It is serious. You take it too seriously!”

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