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Ultrasound changed decision-making processes in the brain

New research in monkeys show that thoughts contrary to the facts, so a "what wenn&hellip would be;", in a certain part of the brain takes place. Not only that, but The scientists were able to influence these kind of thinking targeted by ultrasound with low intensity.

Imagine, for example, you work in the office, while outside the sun is shining. Thinking about what you could do, instead, is an example of Thinking counter to the facts, the so-called "counterfactual Denken". So that we can make decisions based not only on the present, but also on the experience and possible Alternatives that could be available later – for example, at the celebration evening.

In the study, the monkeys were given the task to come through a variety of ways to a treat. You quickly found out which Option was the best, but this was not always available. You had to keep in the back of the head, until she was available again.

After the researchers from the University of Plymouth under the direction of Dr. Elsa Fouragnan had identified a part of the brain, in which the counterfactual Thinking takes place, the so-called anterior cingulate Cortex, they used the ultrasound waves of low intensity, in order to change the normal brain function to the point: If the nerve cells were stimulated, it was impaired counterfactual Thinking of the monkey.

Ultrasound is an imaging Instrument are known, such as in pregnancy. But it can also be used therapeutically to change the activity of the brain: The mechanical vibrations caused by the ultrasonic waves, can generate electrical signals in the brain. Dr. Fouragnan explains: "The ultrasound-Neurostimulation is a non-invasive therapeutic technology is at an early stage, which has the potential to improve the lives of millions of patients with mental disorders, by brain tissue millimeter is exactly stimulated."