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What is currently on the Coronavirus known – and what is not

How strong he is transferred, is yet to be precisely determined. What we do know is that the Virus is transmitted via droplet.

In principle, it is not the German Robert-Koch Institute wants to exclude, moreover, that you become infected when you touch a contaminated surface and then to the face framed. How often the Virus is transmitted this way, but it is not known.

Can infect all who are not yet immune. Especially for the elderly, and vorerkrankte people the greatest danger to develop a severe Form of lung disease Covid-19. Doctors also stress that even younger patients may be severely ill.

Anyone who has ever brought an infection behind, according to the assumptions of the Robert-Koch Institute, expected to be for a few years immune to the Virus.

The range of pulmonary disease ranges from asymptomatic gradients up to respiratory failure and death. Around 80 percent of cases the disease is mild to moderate. The observations resulted in the Chinese Region of Wuhan.

A study by English researchers from mid-March to mortality showed that in the 20 – to 29-Year-old up until then, only 0.03 percent of the Infected have died. Of the more than 80-Year-olds, about one in eleven died.

A vaccine against the Virus, there is not yet, unfortunately. Researchers expect it in several months. Many experts are sure, however, that before a drug is on the market.