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What simple Breakfast you lower your cholesterol – Video

Many people suffer from levels of high blood fat. This is mainly due to the diet. However, there is good and bad cholesterol. The liver tries to make the bad fats are harmless. Dietrich Grönemeyer will tell you what are the important functions of this Organ.

The function of the liver is not for everyone clearly, but it is important for survival. Your tasks are:

It stores sugar in order to release it at the right Moment.
In addition, it detoxifies your body. Drug, toxins, and other waste by-products makes them harmless.
The liver makes the bile acids, which stores the gallbladder. The acids make the dietary fat for the body are useful. In order to reduce the cholesterol, you should eat in the morning, oatmeal Dietrich Grönemeyer advises. Because the bind to the acids of the bile. If the liver produces new bile acid, it pulls cholesterol from the blood so that the blood fat drops.

Dietrich Grönemeyer is a physician, scientist and best-selling author (“home book of health” and “My back book”). On the Campus of the Ruhr-University of Bochum, he founded the Grönemeyer Institute for micro therapy. The doctor with a heart and soul also for the synthesis of high-tech medicine and natural healing. Grönemeyer is Prof. em. of the Department for radiology and microtherapy University of Witten/Herdecke.