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Woman held the spot for the pimples – then it was removed due to cancer of the nose piece

Initially, they thought the spot on her nose is a pimple. After he disappeared for months, went to the 35-year-old Laure Seguy a dermatologist – the diagnosis: skin cancer. The Doctors had to remove the tip of your nose surgically.

A small pimple or scratch at the beginning of Laure Seguy the red dot on her nose for harmless. However, the five mm large spot not healed, even after weeks. He was bleeding and formed a scab. How the British news media “The Sun” reported, suspected also Seguys family doctor last October, nothing more than a bacterial-related pimples. He is said to have prescribed for their anti-bacterial creams. The body should be healed, he recommended Seguy, consult a dermatologist.

On the phone Seguy was put off, initially, an appointment got you want to the skin doctor practice only in the following February offer, according to the report. “As I said, however, I would have been five months since a spot on the nose, and is bleeding, I stopped at the end of the phone, first silence,” quoted “The Sun” the 35-Year-old. “Shortly thereafter, a dermatologist told me: Okay, we have 15 days to make an appointment for you.” In that Moment, she knew that it was serious.

The biopsy in November 2018 showed that Seguy had a basal cell carcinoma – the world’s most common type of skin cancer. The good news: In the rarest of cases, such a cancer metastasizes, it is a threat.

The Doctors cut the tip of your nose

In three surgeries, the Doctors removed the malignant cancer cells. In may 2019, you cut first eleven mm large piece of the nose and transplanted a piece of skin from Seguys forehead. The patient was shocked when she saw her new face for the first Time, she says. It had looked “absolutely bizarre”.

Your scar will heal slowly, but the trauma remains tables experience. Such as “The Sun” reported, have caused the experience of the Briton to make more thoughts about the dangerous UV-rays. Previously, they have always without a sun cream is browned. Today, she’s become more cautious: “I wear creams with sun protection factor 50 and a hat. You can never know exactly how dangerous and damaging the sun is. I want me something like this never happens again.“

So protect yourself from skin cancer

Also the Berlin dermatologist Christian Kors advises, every day use a cream with a sun protection factor of 20 or higher to apply – no matter what the Season. Those who plan leisure activities outside, to adjust the light protection factor up. Here, Kors suggests a protection of SPF 50 or higher.

What is not many, but be aware: Even with light protection factor 50, you can’t stay infinitely long in the sun without harming your skin. The protection of the Tube prolongs the self-protection of the skin only to a certain period of time. How long your skin is protected without sunscreen depends on your skin type. Usually there are only a few minutes. A sun cream prolongs this self-protection, to the indicated light protection factor.

An Example:

  • Celtic skin type, a 10-minute self-protection
  • Sun cream with a protection factor of 15
  • Sun Protection: 15 * 10 = 150 Minutes

With a cream with sun protection factor 15 is a Celtic type is protected, so a maximum of 150 minutes in the sun.