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Anti-Aging for the skin

Make fine dust and art folds of light? New findings on skin aging – and with what care they läcustomizable look young. Plus Makeup Tips

In any age and radiation: the cleaner the air, the better it is für the skin

We are all aging. And our skin also. How much our genes, the way we live, how häoften we us the sun &ndash expose; and, as a relatively new realization of how much time we spend in polluted air.

The first indications that people in Großstäcities faster and stäamplifier aging, revealed back in 2010, a study at the Leibniz-Institute für environmental research (IUF) in Düsseldorf. The researchers studied the skin of the 4757 women around the age of 50 from regions of the Ruhr area with high air pollution and compared this with the skin of women from lärural areas in the süsouthern Mümost of the country. Result: The Teil­workers from the city a lot of st&auml had;amplifier ausgeprägte Pigmentstöretention and deeper facial wrinkles as the subjects of the comparison group.

Light from für more youth

And currently a scientist at the IUF have shown that the fine dust clogs up our complexion. They analyzed the effects of diesel exhaust, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sunlight. In the Tests with diesel verf&auml exhaust gases, for example,;the skin br&auml colored up;unlich.

Since Recently it is being discussed whether künst­light aging of the skin is affected. Scientists assume that Melatonin plays a role. This hormone regenerates our cells and neutralizes reaktionsfähige Sauerstoffmoleküle, so-called free radicals. Ausgeschüis offered it only at night in the dark. If wäduring this time, the high share of blue küartificial light sources on the receptors of our eye retina hits, stört the the Light-Dark-rhythm of the Köbody. So inhibit about Straßenlaternen, computer screens or mobile phones the natür­­advanced melatonin production.

5 Anti-Aging Makeup Tips

  • Particles of powder often gather in Fältchen. Better light and fl&uuml are;vinegars Make-up products, such as getönte fluid or BB creams.
  • Rölines and pigment spots with a grünen correction pen to conceal. A yellow pencil helps against dark rings around the eyes. Both apply under Make-up.
  • Concealer with shimmering mother-of-pearl particles cover imperfections, dark circles and Krähenfüße. The fine particles break the light and make the complexion softer.
  • Black Mascara and Eyeliner make the eyes more expressive. Pay attention to fresh Mascara, otherwise bröselt and collects in Fältchen. Eye cream underneath the eye shadow over the bumps.
  • Clear contours with a lip pencil to draw, then apply lipstick and colorless Gloss. The lips, the in the age dümen ­be faster and dry out, then full.

Moisture für Mature skin

Unabhäregardless of all these äußeren Einflüshot "verläuft the process of aging of the skin individually very unterschiedlich", Dr. Maja Hofmann, a dermatologist at the Charit&eacute says; Berlin. "The a have with dreißig folds, the others still look at forty as at twenty."

Anti-Aging products köcan’t stop the process, but hinaus­­zö. The frühere you anfängt, the better. Many experts recommend starting as early as mid-20. But which of the many products against aging of the skin is the right one?

"The day cream should contain a lot of moisture, the skin of a ripe benötigt", Burgert, a pharmacy owner in Karlsruhe, says Claudia. People tend to have mixed or oily skin, use a Gel, so that the face is not glänzt. Generally speaking, dücare may products für Mature skin rich be rich, because in the age of the complexion is rather dry. "The care should always following the skin texture richten", as Long – Burgert. To determine this, we recommend a skin analysis at the dermatologist or in the pharmacy.

So Vitamin A and Hyalurons&auml act;ure

As the most important aid against the signs of time, UV Filter, hyaluronic acid, fruit – and Vitamin A-Säure. The latter is irritating to the skin, is in höherer dose of a prescription drug and should women in the gebärfäof working age are not in use. Cosmetics manufacturers typically use Retinol, the less aggressive Form. The substance is in the skin to Vitamin-A-Säure converted.

Among other things, it stimulates our cells, new collagen, and inhibits enzymes involved in its degradation process. Collagen provides the Stützgerüst of the skin. The more of it is available, the more firmer, the complexion. But caution: Retinol and Vitamin A Säure to make the skin light sensitive and should only be applied in the evening.

Hyaluronsäure, in turn, is the main component of our connective tissue, particularly well water spei­chert. As a result, the complexion looks fresh and plumped up. And Fruchtsäuren schließlich-form work, especially in Scrub. Dead Hautschübargain are removed, the cells Regeneration is stimulated.

3 masks für a smooth complexion

A Wellness Ritual in the bath brings relaxation, and positive aura. Pharmacist Claudia Long-Burgert recommends that the Baden zusävulnerable with a face mask to verwöstand up:

  • A mask of curd für 10 to 15 minutes ­allow to soak in. The extra care unterstüsupports the collagen structure of the skin. Quark refreshes and moisturizes.
  • Für dry skin are Öle. Olive-, Linseed -, or Mandelöl with wheat bran mixed, is donating even more intense moisture, revitalizes and glättet.

TIP: Who the Anrüdo save mökilled, used cloth masks. Depending on the skin condition there are different acting ingredients, among other things, ­­Kollagentücher.

Filter against fine dust

With increasing age, sebaceous and Schweiß­drüsen in the skin are less active, and the connective tissue no longer holds the moisture so well. In the result, the Elastizit&auml takes;t of the skin, your natüterrible protective sheath is durchläthe gymnasium and pflege­bedürftiger. At the same time, the skin no longer regenerates as quickly.

Since you weiß, that fine dust is problematic, there are some new products that are intended to provide a remedy: the so-called Anti-Pollution cosmetics. You schüthe skin is protected with new drugs, allegedly, in front of the dirt from the air.

"The question of which substances tats&auml but, ;actually wirken", Derma&shy says;­tologin Hofmann. "It mübiggest Filter äsimilar to the in sun creams, the tatsäactually prevent harmful substances penetrate into the skin."

No Toast to the skin

Currently, manufacturers rely on ingredients such as algae and milk extract, Yam, tiger grass, or Goji berry. Schüprotect the skin with their antioxidants, vitamins, peptides, trace elements, and Aminos&auml to;uren. "Us documents from seri&ouml still missing;sen ­Studies, the the effectiveness of this Anti-Pollution products beweisen", Hofmann emphasized.

The größth influence on the skin of the individual life-style has still. Tip of a pharmacist, Long – Burgert: "A healthy and positive attitude, ömore often times of laughter and genüquietly sleeping." There is a lot of movement in the fresh air, low Stress, lots of fruits and Gemüse, little alcohol, no cigarettes.

Just recently, a study from D&auml has;Denmark showed that Smoking and alcohol make the skin quickly and clearly visible aging. Üover 40 years &11thinsp were;500 participants were observed. In the case of those who consumed alcohol, and nicotine, have demonstrated a deeper Mouth, a stämore Ohrläppchen­fold, and a yellow eyelids uniform orange-coloured covering on the eye.

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