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How to be forever young: the beauty secrets of Japanese women

Learn all about the mysterious beauty of Japanese women!
When we hear the phrase “Japanese women”, we most often represent pretty girls with porcelain skin and beautiful hair. And so it is – Japanese women have long been famous for their beauty. How do they manage to stay like that for a long time?

Perhaps you did not know about it before, but it is time to reveal all the secrets. For those who are fond of the appearance of Japanese girls, there are some interesting rules for caring for themselves, here are some of them:

Vitamin C
Daily Japanese food consists of oranges, which deoxidize and break down melanin. Vitamin C helps to remove age spots and gives an even skin tone.

Branded Oils
Japanese women use branded oils to cleanse the face. Any suitable: both natural and herbal.

A fish
Their main diet includes fish, which is high in omega-3. It contributes to the health and radiance of the skin.

Oriental herbs help to fight dryness and improve the beauty of the face.

Green tea
The Japanese drink a few cups of green tea every day. It helps to slow down the aging process and keeps the skin young and supple.