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With these techniques, you can remove facial hair easier

With the removal of hair in the face many people associate the painful Plucking with the classic forceps. Pain-free methods enjoy great popularity. We present four Alternatives to the tweezers.

1. Facial hair removal with the spiral

The Epi Stick is in the Trend and to pack facial hair directly from the root. A little Practice is needed to master the technique and the hair removal pain-free. Clear advantages of this method are the low price and the ease of use of the Epi-Sticks. For the Removal of a ladies Barts, to this Epi-Roller , however, is a good choice.

2. Electric shaver

Short-term results can you with a convenient electric shaver for the face achieve. The hair is removed only superficially, the method is therefore completely pain-free. The application of handy shaver requires no Exercise and quickly goes out of Hand.

3. Natural Sugaring

When Sugaring is a completely natural method for removal of facial hair. The sugar paste is applied to the face, and then against the direction of hair growth removed. It also removes the dead skin cells. A Sugaring treatment, you will either get in the cosmetic Studio, or get a Sugaring kit for the home. This saves time and money.

4. Handy Trimmer

Eyebrows are clearly to remove the king’s discipline to the hair. It comes down to the right shape and color of the Brew. An eyebrow trimmer is designed for precise and consistent results and more pleasant to be in, as the Plucking with the tweezers.

The correct method

Body hair can be annoying, especially in the face, the hair seem to be permanently visible. During the repeated tweezing of the eyebrows with the classic pair of tweezers is learned, make the most of the people to other hairy parts of the face, no thoughts. Women who have beard a Ladies put on, however, there regularly Hand. Try different hair removal methods and they observe the reaction of your skin. What is the technique for hair removal for you is the most pleasant, you have to then decide for yourself.

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