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14 Struggles Only Brunettes Can Really Understand

Blondes might have more fun, but being brunette can be a whole lot easier. You don’t have to worry about getting highlights, your eyelashes are always evident and regrowth isn’t on your radar. But despite the upsides of rocking a darker shade, there are plenty of downsides…

1. There is and forever will be a visible trail of hair in your wake. Forget about cleaning your bathroom floor. It will just be covered in hair two minutes later. Sure, blondes shed—but your locks stand out against that white tile like whoa. 


2. Your body hair is dark AF. Regardless of the amount of body hair you have, every little bit is going to show up. This makes summertime hell on earth because you have to shave nearly every day.

3. Sunny days light your head on fire. Your dark locks attract the sun like T-Swift attracts bad boys. Not only does this leave you hot and bothered (literally), it’ll also probably give your part a sunburn.

4. And if your scalp is sunburnt, it’ll peel and everyone will see it. Same thing goes for if you have dandruff.

5. Speaking of things everyone can see: hello, dry shampoo. Things dry shampoo will make you look like: Cruella de Vil, Marie Antoinette, your grandma. Things dry shampoo won’t make you look like: someone with clean, normal-colour hair.

6. Your grey/white hairs are in everyone’s face. Not only are these bad boys shocking against your chocolate strands, they’re often a different texture, so they literally stick out.

7. But no one will see your braids. Forget that fancy hair Pinterest board you’ve been cultivating. No one will be able to see your Insta-worthy braids in photos, no matter how many filters you apply.

8. Colouring your hair casually is not a thing. While all your friends are trying out fun pastel colours, you’re wondering if anyone will notice the slight purple tint you have that you can kind of see… in the sun.

9. If you do dye your hair, it will probably ruin you. Making dark hair lighter requires one major step: bleach. And unless you have the hair team of a Kardashian, it’s going to tear your hair up. Plus, say RIP to your bank account because multiple sessions and follow-ups won’t come cheap.

10. And the ROOTS. If you do choose to colour, the roots come in darker than a jar of Vegemite. And if you’re trying to grow them out? Painful.

11. People with light hair always try to say your hair is black. NOPE. It is dark brown.

12. You’ll feel the pressure to be bronze. TBH, blondes and redheads can rock pale skin all year long and look flawless. Unfortunately, for many brunettes, the more contrast there is between your dark hair and light skin, the more Twilight-y the situation becomes.

13. Some people assume you’re boring. These are the same people that assume everyone who wears glasses is smart. News flash: people with glasses can be ditzy and brunettes can be spicy.

14. It can feel like you blend in a little too much. Brunettes make up 97 per cent of the world population, according to research from the University of Pennsylvania. So let’s face it—our hair colour isn’t exactly “unique.” But think of it this way: Maybe this is what helped you develop your sparkling personality.

Source: Women’s Health

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