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Diet researchers are: Breakfast waiver, the promote weight loss !

Weight loss on Breakfast?

The statement that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for people who are trying to remove, doesn’t really seem to apply. Previously it was said that people take in the morning, a balanced Breakfast, slimming successful, compared with people who consume no Breakfast, but an Australian research team comes to a different result.

The scientists of the Monash University in Melbourne noted in a Review of studies that our morning Breakfast seems to be not a good strategy for losing weight. The experts published the results of their investigation in the English scientific journal “British Medical Journal” (BMJ).

The Breakfast leads to excess weight?

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) had previously advised on the subject of Breakfast, people Breakfast should be balanced early on, this will make it less likely to develop Overweight and Overweight people could lose weight easier, compared with persons who skip Breakfast. The new Review, however, doubts as to this statement.

13 studies were reviewed

The researchers at the Monash University in Australia, 13 of the studies on Breakfast and weight in the countries surveyed overall, with a high income. The results showed a very small difference in weight between those who had Breakfast, and people who did not do this, the scientists say. On average people who skipped Breakfast were, 0.44 kg lighter.

Breakfast people eat an average of 260 calories, and more

If people had Breakfast, they ate an average of 260 more calories per day. The people who have skipped the Breakfast, not compensating for those calories later in the day, explain the doctors. The researchers found no significant difference in the metabolism found rates between Breakfast people and subjects that skipped Breakfast. This suggests that there is no evidence that Breakfast leads to weight reduction.

Breakfast is not a good strategy for weight loss

The current study suggests that consumption of Breakfast is not a good strategy for weight loss, regardless of the well-established Breakfast habit. Caution is advised when Breakfast for weight loss of adults is recommended, as this could have the opposite effect, explain the authors of the study.

There are more studies on the subject are needed

For more high quality, randomized, controlled studies are needed to demonstrate whether people who want to lose weight, skip Breakfast. However, some studies show that people who eat Breakfast, seem to tend to be healthier. But it leads to no clear advantages, if you only for weight loss Breakfast, experts say. The study shows that the simple Breakfast is no magic recipe for losing weight.

The Breakfast can be a healthy balanced meal