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Body-paint will keep insects

A body paint with white stripes protects apparently, bites from insects. A recent study from Sweden and Hungary. Indigenous peoples, who painted their bodies, gain may be a protection against diseases that are transmitted by stinging insects.

For the study, the researchers used plastic models of people, which were painted in different colours. It was A brown model for so many horse pulled ten times brakes like a brown model with white stripes. As a control, a plastic figure in beige served, they also attracted twice as many blood-suckers as the striped model. Even the Position had a different attractiveness for the insects: A horizontal model, was stung by both sexes, a standing only of females.

Previously, scientists had noticed that the Zebra’s stripes protect it against the horse’s brakes. Horses with light fur in contrast to the dark rare razor. Then they designed their Experiments, three human models in dark, beige and dark-and-white-striped, covered it with glue.

Most of the indigenous communities who maintain the Tradition of body painting, live in areas where there are many blood-suckers, such as the brakes, mosquitoes or tsetse flies. If these insects people stinging, pathogens the risk of Transmission of bacteria, parasites, and other disease. The custom of body painting has probably arisen on multiple continents, independently of each other. Since when it exists, is unknown.