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Do you have questions about the Coronavirus? You want facts check out? Then please write to us!

With the spread of the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 within Germany, the uncertainty is increasing in this country: How can I protect myself from infection? Should I avoid large gatherings of people better? What do I do if I feel the supposed symptoms?

There are countless other questions that you might perform at this point, especially in the Social networks, circulating false reports, the Concerns and Fears of many in addition – and especially unnecessary – fueling.

The outbreak of the disease

Day-care centres close? Are airports prepared? The 40 most pressing questions about the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is endemic in Germany and raises questions: Should you go to the doctor? Allowed workers to stay home, if the kindergarten makes sealing? Germany is facing a problem of Supply? The star answers.

The star answered your questions about the Coronavirus

Also you will burn a question to the Coronavirus under the nails? Don’t feel you, in a point sufficient? Or do you wish an assessment to a Video, image or other web content that you confuse and you will not find in the media reporting again?

Then email us your question (in the case of network content, to please, always with a Link) to the following Email address:

[email protected]

The Team of the star is now, and always from Monday to Friday in order to timely respond to your inquiry, to take care of – either by our experts from the editorial Board or by a request to the competent authorities, professional associations or institutions whose answer we then, in an Online post for you process.

Please understand that we cannot answer every question immediately after Arrival. Should have been asked your question already and answered, we can send you our research results, of course, via a Link.

We look forward to your submission!

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