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Friend of US President, Trump dies after Corona infection

Stanley Chera, a well-known New York real estate Mogul, has died of a Coronavirus infection. This is a source that is close to his family confirmed to the U.S. channel CNN. He was 78 years old. With the death of the Chera, the Virus calls a victim in a personal perimeter of the US President, Donald Trump.

Only a few weeks ago, Trump said that one of his friends against the “malicious” Coronavirus fights. “We thought it would take a mild course, but now he is unconscious in a coma,” said Trump. “And you wonder: How could this happen?”

Ailing Superpower

The unprepared States of America as Donald trump’s United States for failure in the crisis

Now, it is assumed that Trump has talked about Chera. Three persons from the vicinity of the President confirmed to the New York Times that Trump had told about Cheras case. The White house has not commented Cheras death yet.

The two business men’s Association, for years a friendly relationship. For the election campaign of Trump donated Chera between 2016 and 2019, more than $ 400,000, as is apparent from the records of the Federal Election Commission. Trump praised, for its part, Chera as “one of the largest builders and real estate agents in the world”. “He is a great guy and was from the beginning, on my side,” announced Trump at a rally in 2019 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

United States responded too late to the Corona-pandemic

Trump has played the danger posed by the Coronavirus for a long time. The adviser to the US President, the virologist Anthony Fauci, confirmed on Sunday that the United States have to be late in responding to the virus crisis. It could have saved lives, if public institutions would have been earlier closed, said Fauci CNN.

In the United States more than 22,000 people are already to the consequences of a Coronavirus infection died. The number of Infected increased, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University from Monday to over of 557,000. Thus, the United States recorded the highest Corona of death and infection rate in the world.

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