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Every Second cancer: the 10 signs you shouldn’t ignore

Every second person will become ill in the course of his life to cancer. This is the result of a British study. In the early stage, tumors can be the most successful treat. However, you will notice the Affected since. Who detects the first alarm signals, and can act in time.

  • The risk of cancer for women is lower than for men.
  • Age is the biggest risk factor for most types of cancer.
  • Ten notes on cancer, no one should ignore.

Every second person in Britain born after 1960 will at some point develop the disease in his life to cancer. Came to this frightening conclusion of a British study of the “Cancer Research UK recently”. The researchers have published their findings in the “British Journal of Cancer”.

In 1975, diseased in the UK is one of four people to a Tumor. In the 1990s, the risk was one to three. Until 2010, there were already four out of ten people affected by cancer.

In Germany, every second man will get sick

The Figures for Germany are comparable, increased, and.

The likelihood of developing in the course of life of cancer, according to the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) for German men at 50.7 percent, slightly higher than for women (42.8 percent).

As expected, the risk in old age is significantly higher: the risk of a 40-year-old man is in the next ten years, to cancer, to die only 0.6 percent. A 70-year-old man will be with a probability of 10.9 per cent, up to his 80. Birthday the cancer death succumb.

The age is according to the British researchers, the greatest risk factor for most types of cancer. As people reach a higher age also increases the lifetime risk of cancer in their lifetime.

Everyone can prevent

Study author Peter Sasieni of Queen Mary University of London, explains: “More than 60 percent of all tumors diagnose Doctors people over the age of 65 years. Most of which are so old, develop cancer in their lifetime.“

Nevertheless, there is enough of what everyone can do to reduce the risk.

This includes:

  • stop Smoking,
  • enough to move,
  • drink less alcohol and
  • at a healthy weight.

In addition, there is some evidence, overlooked by many people or ignore. Because cancer can show itself through countless symptoms.

A few exclusive symptoms of cancer

However, there are hardly any symptoms exclusive to cancer or even a certain type of cancer. Especially at the beginning of abnormalities can have other, perhaps totally harmless causes. Some people ignore the alarming signals of the body also out of fear of a possible cancer diagnosis.

Between insouciance (“is nothing”) and excessive fear (“the cancer”) we need to find a healthy Balance, to warning signs to classify it.

An example: If someone always had a very regular digestive system, and all of a sudden constantly constipation, or diarrhea, he should go to the doctor. It is not a must, but it can be colon cancer. Someone suffers from chronic indigestion, it would be only once not worrying Signal.