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Hamster purchases are not only ignorant, but also anti-social and dangerous

At the beginning it was still quite funny. Is finally rare that it is in German supermarkets with empty shelves, where only a few crumbs of sugar or a last pack of toilet paper to point out what should be normally a dozen times in stock. Has something of a disaster movie. The Apocalypse is approaching. Yeah. Haha.

But at least now the fun is over. Because the hoarding of the past few days, due to the diffuse fear of the Coronavirus, the panels in Germany, a poorer supplies. Several boards have recently received significantly less food for distribution to the needy, lamented the Chairman of the Association Jochen Brühl in the “New Osnabrücker Zeitung”. Because of the stock purchases by many customers less goods that you could donate to stay the supermarkets at the end. According to Brühl, the panels had to improvise, therefore, in the past few days, “strong”, and could spend less on food.


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The hamster purchases, and of the cry for help of the panels

The cry of the panels is recent evidence that the hamster purchases are not only ignorant, but plain anti-social and dangerous. The leapfrog action, with the help of many citizens want to confront the invisible enemy, is no longer justified as a response to turbulent and uncertain times.

Experts assure far and wide since the days that the Coronavirus was no reason for the hoarding of food. Although the Ministry and the Federal office for rates of population protection and disaster relief, anyway, to always have supplies for about ten days in the household – thus, they were related to power outages or extreme weather.

The spread of the Coronavirus is not the case of a disaster, and there is therefore no reason, suddenly back to verschmähtes canned bread, or Ravioli in a Festival in the volume of their purchases. But the fear of Covid-19 is at least as contagious as the novel Virus itself: Who sees empty shelves, and even the panic attacks perhaps, in the end empty-handed. “The excitement spreads faster than the pathogen,” is how Stephan Grünewald, a psychologist and managing Director of the market – and media research Institute Rheingold, this psychological chain reaction “” to the point.


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So, if the panels to the food supply, therefore, if you must even remain dispensaries for the needy closed, then a limit is exceeded, and then it is the duty of the stress of buyers, to finally take a deep breath, and one’s own behavior to question.

This is especially true for medical products: face masks and disinfectants are everyday objects for medical personnel, not to private individuals. Who is hoarding these products, is the cause of bottlenecks, where they are really needed.

New disinfectant: rush to Aldi-markets

This as a possibly interesting Information for all those who are just at Aldi queue to the newly arrived disinfectants tire deduction. Although the action is not officially in connection with the Coronavirus – “We have for years, in March, when the travel time begins, again and again, an action range, with a disinfectant,” stressed a spokesperson of Aldi Süd, but the rush speaks for itself.


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A rush of purchases, like all of the Motivation for the current hamster lacks any rational basis. But what is in these days already rational? Psychologist green forest looks like in any 14-day quarantine finally, the promise to resonate, “to be two weeks long from all the pressures of the out to be rid of the Stress and can be used alone or in the family circle, their own interests to devote.” This hamster buyers, the emergency situation signal to a “temporary end of the hamster wheel”.

This can, in turn, even understand. Because: Who’s hoarding due to the Corona range way to his everyday life pimp, who would be really in a panic. But not because of Corona. But because in his life basically, something goes wrong.

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