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How Long People Wait Before Farting In Front Of Their Partner

The honeymoon phase of a relationship is usually spent staring into each others eyes, having plenty of hot sex and suppressing all manner of bodily functions, including flatulence.

But let’s be honest, there’s only so long you can hold in your arse acoustics around a significant other and soon enough a cheek squeak squeezes out.

And research by Porch has determined exactly when people deem it acceptable let off a heinie hiccup in front of their partner. The survey of 1000 adults found that both men and women agree that after nine months it’s appropriate to pop one off.

The survey also questioned couples over other potentially embarro behaviour like peeing with the door open, popping pimples and telling your partner what you think about their family. Men mostly let loose before us ladies, waiting 10 months before letting a lover get their zits while women preferred a year and eight months. They also only needed 10 months to start displaying their bathroom habits while women waited a year and three months. 

They also broke down the stats into people who were (and were not) satisfied with their relationship, finding that happy couples were a little more conservative with their responses compared to unhappy ones.

But like all things in life, to each their own. What makes one couple happy and healthy isn’t the same for others so you do you. Toots and all.  

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