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Live healthier in the new year: The best tips

Better, more exercise and adequate sleep, food, less sitting, are important components for a healthy lifestyle. In practice, these objectives are to implement but often difficult. The American heart society gives tips on how it can succeed.

It is especially important to set goals that are a challenge, but still achievable. Who wants to eat healthier and drink can start in small steps, in order, about every month new healthy behavior insertion point:

  • smaller portion sizes
  • less of a Dessert food,
  • more eat fruits and vegetables, by combining them with food, a taste,
  • drink more water and soft drinks, leave it out. To get used to it, you can aromatize the water with slices of cucumber, lemons or limes.

Also in sports, it is important to increase slowly and to continue to set measurable goals that are realistic: A homebody will run after two months, not a Marathon. But daily for 30 minutes is Going to succeed. After that, the speed can be increased up to the Run. The physical activity can be for example through swift walks, intensive gardening, Dancing or sports classes increase. Training units and other types of physical activity can be spread over the week. It is important that per week at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense activity can be achieved.

Sufficient sch&uuml sleep;protects against Ümountain guy

Between seven and nine hours of regular, restful sleep is recommended for adults. This supports the quality of life, metabolism, and ensures optimal brain function. Too little sleep can in the long term, lead to weight gain and chronic diseases such as hypertension, Diabetes, and heart disease.

Finally, the experts have a regular health Check-up, you can prepare yourself by reading about the medical history of family members, after which the doctor may ask you.


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