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In the case of colon cancer in the family: the benefit of early detection from 40

Every tenth Person in Germany at the age of 40 to 54 years, has a first-degree relative with colorectal cancer. You will be recommended due to the increased risk of an investigation from the age of 40 years. Almost half of the people do not use the offer but.

Of 28.711 Respondents between 40 and 54 years, 9.4 percent indicated that a direct Relative – Parents or children – cancer of the colon, was ill. In such a case, there is an increased risk to get colorectal cancer, so these individuals should take notice of over 40 years of age screening.

After all, 54.4 percent had already a colonoscopy to make. Study head Hermann Brenner from the German cancer research center and the National center for tumor diseases in Heidelberg, but on the other side of the coin: "Conversely, that also means, however: Almost half of the people with increased familial risk of not taking advantage of the opportunity of an earlier start of the Pension."

Risk-adjusted Screening, more must be perceived

The study also showed the limitations of this method. Colon cancer often occurs only in the upper age. For example, diagnosed in a 70-Year-old bowel cancer, so the 40 to have his children. Age is often exceeded long ago – and the recommended time for the Start of the early detection is missed. Nevertheless, the study authors believe it is useful to make the risk-adapted Screening to the attention of: "Here in particular the family doctors and their employees could contribute significantly to raising the awareness of the Concerned for effective Prevention”, says Korbinian Weigl, first author of the current work. The question of colorectal cancer cases in the immediate family was a very simple and meaningful method to the personal risk estimate.