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Mutant laboratory mosquitoes from spreading by the millions – largely uncontrollable Situation

The mosquito “Aedes aegypti” spreads in Brazil, in a genetically modified Form.

In Brazil, a strain of mosquito genome has been changed technically so that it carries a deadly Gene. Thus, the reproduction of disease-transmitting insects should be contained. However, survived some of the animals and mixed with the local Population. The descendants are, according to one study, may even be more robust and more resistant against insecticides. The company criticised contradicts.

What are the consequences of mosquitoes, the Transmission of the genetically modified genome of future generations of yellow fever, is still unclear, as it says in the Journal “Scientific Reports”. Possibly, the genetically modified mosquitoes to be more robust and resistant to insecticides, are the Team to Jeffrey Powell of Yale University in New Haven (USA) writes in the study, and stresses: “These results show the importance of a monitoring program is in the suspension of genetically modified organisms, not to the expected consequences determine.”

The attacked company, Oxitec contradicted, however, the allegations in a press release. The authors in “Scientific Reports” published a study would use dramatized statements, as not to arouse unfounded concerns, said. Additionally, there is a lack of scientific integrity and the Ignoring of facts is alleged. The Raised announced, the criticism and react to it.

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