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The Daily Habit Guaranteed To Improve Your Sex Life

It’s no secret meditation can improve your focus and send stress-levels plummeting.

But it turns out the traditional Buddhist mindfulness technique – which is currently having a bit of a moment on the holistic health scene – also has a much more intimate side effect: better sex.   

According to an expert in the field, the act of controlling your breathing and turning your attention to the present moment can reduce cortisol and adrenaline levels, in turn, increasing your sexual desire.

In fact, it’s these benefits that meditation teacher Emily Fletcher believes led to the 4,600 percent growth of her business over the past five years. 

“Either they want to speak better, please their boss, want to make money or have better sex,” she told AFP of her clients. 

“If you actually practice you will start enjoying your life more, your brain will function better, your body will feel better, you get sick less often.” 

As if you needed another excuse to get your om on.

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