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Pollen count breaks records

Tablets, nasal spray, eye drops and tissues For many pollen Allergy sufferers felt the February like April or may. By double-digit temperatures, some strong sun and little rain, the concentration of alder pollen was increased in some places in Germany to exceptionally high values – even before the meteorological start of spring on 1. March.

In Berlin last week, had been measured pollen in a day, the highest since 1985, documented a number of Alder in the air, said meteorologist Thomas Dümmel of the FU Berlin. The previous record of 2017, had already shown an extreme value has been exceeded accordingly.

The German Foundation for pollen information service reported at the end of February also of the “historical record” at the alder pollen, the statement referred to the North – West German lowlands. The worst was over in these regions. High stresses were in the Southeast.

Explain the values probably to the fact that the kitten matured due to spring-like conditions at almost the same time and the Pollen be distributed optimally.

Year long Trend: pollen-free time is getting shorter and shorter

“For Allergy sufferers it was not the dream of winter”, stated the head of the Allergy centre of the Charité hospital in Berlin, Torsten Zuberbier, with a view to the largely mild weather conditions. To “Christmas hazel pollen-plagued Allergy-free, except, perhaps, in the high mountains.” Since about 20 years, the Trend towards ever-shorter pollen-free time in the Winter will continue, says making beer.

While in the case of hazel and alder in the next few days, decaying values to be expected, with the birch already the next Allergy-tree in front of the flower: “You can now expect to bloom the birch soon with full force begins”, says making beer. He expects one to two weeks earlier to Start flowering than usual, possibly in early March.

Dümmel is not, however, from a Start before the middle, at the end of March – provided there are no cold period to come. Birch but in comparison to other trees considerably more Pollen at once.

Frequently, Allergy sufferers feel even before the start of the flowering period first discomfort. Your immune system reacts to the smallest, invisible to the human eye protein pieces in the pollen grain. “These particles can also secrete before the beginning of flowering and the air is carried on”, says making beer.

About twelve million people in Germany

Hay fever affects according to the pollen information service about twelve million people in Germany, according to a study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), including more than a Million children and young people.

Although pollen is actually harmless, the immune system of Allergy sufferers on defense, if the Pollen with mucous membranes come in contact. The consequences of watery, itchy eyes, Sneezing and severe coryza. If left untreated, the discomfort can skip the time to the lower respiratory tract, chronic Asthma threatens.

Sufferers hay fever acute symptoms with tablets used to suppress so-called antihistamines. Sometimes Doctors also prescribe medicines with cortisone. In addition, there is the possibility, outside of the hay fever time is a so-called hyposensitization. In this case, the Allergen is administered in increasing doses until the immune system so that it has become accustomed.