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Scuba diving: you should be aware of

Easy suit, mask, dive and fish and under water world to explore? I’d rather not. Which is why a visit to the doctor is before the first dive is so important

When diving, a good preparation is important. And only experienced diving physicians köcan einschäappreciate, who may under water

The coral swaying back and forth, a swarm of colorful fish passing by on the sea floor a cancer buried. The alien underwater world and the Gefühl of weightlessness üben to many people, a Faszi­nation. Scuba diving is a popular Hobby – however, in the Köbody strongly calls for.

AnfäViking should in any case prior to the first dive checked by a doctor. The so-called suitability investigation is to Unfälle and health problems to prevent. The Association of German sports divers and many dive schools, the medical Bestäconsolidation of present – otherwise, you may not under water.

Fitness on Land

"My first question for investigation is: How well köyou can swim?", erzählt Professor Björn Jüttner, specialist für Anästhesiologie at the Medical University of Hannover. "Who in the swimming pool ­without problems 500 meters zurücklegt and then even in three meters depth the pressure equalization can make a good chance, the äto get a medical certificate." For the preparation of the Tauch&shy recommends;physicians also snorkel training.

But also on Land, interested parties should test their Fitness and, above all, a good physical condition can bring. The Tauchausrüstung für adult weighs 12 to 15 kilograms. Under water spüyou do not rt this weight, though it is not the K&ouml must;body üabout reserves of strength verfügen. "It is not all predictable, maybe I need to help another diver in Distress, or plövulnerable against a Strömung schwimmen", J&uuml says;ttner.

A comprehensive Check of the köphysical fitness

In the case of the medical examination, the physician asked about surgeries, pre-existing conditions and permanently medicines. He’s testing the Hör – and Sehvermögene, controlled Herztöne, as well as lung function and füby hrt an ECG. "Claimed diving particularly the lungs and the heart-Kreis­run-System", so Jüttner.

Some diseases make the Hobby unmöpossible. "The work of breathing under water is erhöht, a heavily suffering from Asthma or anyone with a lung disease not creates the." People with a serious cardiovascular diseases, Rhythmusstöor Krampfanfäcases suffering d&uuml, ;may in of the rule not to dive.

On diving medicine specialist Ädoctors find

It is not excluded, however, still. "It always depends on what degree the disease hat", erklärt Dr. Konrad Meyne, Internist and diving doctors from Goslar. The Einschäsetting up a er­experienced specialists is essential. Qualified Ädoctors lists the company für diving and Üoverpressure medicine (GTÜM e. V.) on its website ( "Only those who immerse themselves with the familiar and regelmäßig training can be&shy the diving candidate so;rates, that the Hobby really ­sure ist", erläexplains how to my.

The GTÜM recommends that the medi­­zi­niche control in regelmäßowned Abstäthe durchfüto do. Divers between the ages of 18 and 39 should dafür every three years to the doctor – if in the meantime no ­health problems re-occur. 40 control is best jädangerous. "The health care provides the diver with safety, and some health insurance companies are participating in the Kosten", erklärt Meyne.

Show up with a toothache

My rät, in front of the Dive außbesides, even a dentist visit. In Zahnlöor leaking Füapplications can penetrate the compressed air under water, but when you Appear no longer to escape. The könne-to-severe dental pain führen and the Spaß on j&auml diving;h finish.

Even if all these studies and make the sport safer – without risk it is not. Especially a rapid ascent hinterlässt sometimes heavy lasting Schäthe. In the case of the so-called decompression or decompression sickness köcan be Affected get life in danger. It is important, therefore, before sorgfäcarefully check and to complete a good education.

Wattestäble to leave home

Für diving tourists has doctors my a tip: "Who on several consecutive days Tauchgänge plans, you should not remove the wax from the ears." Because the earwax provides a natünatural protection für the Gehörgang. The better care für the ears: after the dive, the Gehörgänge with clear water spülen and well away from draughts schüsupport.   

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