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Skin care: 7 myths facts check

Some of the statements about the skin are stubborn, and always has. Sara J. Brown, Professor of molecular genetic dermatology of the University of Dundee in Scotland, reveals what is accurate and what you can safely forget.

1. The skin renews itself stäfully

True! The skin is our largest Organ and forms a dynamic barrier between the body and the environment. The cells in the outer layer of the skin constantly divide and are repelled from the surface.

2. Who täpossible two liters of water to drink, hält the skin healthy

Wrong! The skin is supplied from the inside with water, kidneys, heart and blood vessels control the process. But there is no certain amount of water that must be drunk, it depends on the loss: in a dry environment the skin loses, for example, more water.

3. Stress can the skin health beeinträmighty

True! An example of a stress-related skin disease of the circle round hair loss (Alopecia areata), an autoimmune disease in which the immune system hair follicles attacks. Also psoriasis and eczema favored by Stress.

4. Chocolate causes acne

Wrong! A high fat diet is due to various reasons unhealthy, but it does not lead to acne. Causes for acne vulgaris glands are hormonal effects on the sebaceous glands and immune responses to clogged pores and microorganisms on the skin.

5. Washing powder causing eczema

Wrong! Eczema can be caused by a combination of genetic predispositions and environmental factors that lead to inflammation. Soap, detergent and detergent can irritate the skin and dry it out by removing the film of grease. Some washing powders contain enzymes, which can a eczema to worsen.

6. Weiße spots on the Närules = lack of calcium

Wrong! Nails grow in the nail matrix, an area under the skin. If this hurt, pushed or clamped, it may cause an irregularity in the nail, in which air is trapped, which appears white. Nevertheless, calcium is important for healthy nails, bones and teeth.

7. Sunshine is healthy

Neither! In the sunshine most of the people feel comfortable, and UV-light is used by the skin to make Vitamin D. Too much UV light leads to damage in the genetic material of skin cells, which can trigger cancer. Generally, moderate sunbathing is good, a sunburn must be avoided.

Overall, Brown is the tip to tackle the mind-skin care with healthy people: The skin regularly wash to remove dirt and water-repellent substances, use a moisturizer, if the skin taut to the touch or dry. Greasy ointments work best, except in the case of skin prone to acne, in this case, you should prefer to use a greasy cream, water-based. She also advises to protect the skin from too much sun, to eat healthy and to drink when you’re thirsty.


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