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Toxic lead and Cadmium – authority warns fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry resembling real jewelry and often costs only a fraction of what would need to lie down for a consumer for rings and necklaces made of silver and Gold. These Savings, however, could be to the detriment of the health, as a study of the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety shows. The authority considered fashion jewelry came mainly from China and on markets has been offered with an alarming result. In every respect piece of jewelry, the permissible limit for lead and Cadmium was exceeded. Some jewelry consisted almost exclusively of the heavy metals.

“The long-term ingestion of high quantities of Heavy metals can lead to health problems”, – stated in a communication of the Federal office. Lead, for example, can cause damage to the nervous system and lead to infertility. Cadmium accumulates in the kidneys, the liver, but also in the bones and may cause damage to organs. Cadmium and cadmium oxide is, moreover, considered to be carcinogenic.

Danger for children

Especially children, the loaded pieces of jewelry while Playing in the mouth or swallowing are at risk accordingly. Consumers should buy jewelry from a retailer you trust, or in a trade business advises the Federal office. This applies in particular if the jewelry for children is determined.


Body jewelry with side effects

The auditors had examined in the year 2018 a total of 296 pieces of jewelry, and the results are now published. 257 products were analyzed for their lead content, and 286 to their cadmium content. Around eight per cent of the jewellery exceeded the permissible limits of 0.01% (Cadmium) and 0.05 percent (lead). In the case of individual products, the measured values were above 90 percent.

Fashion jewelry from China charged very often

Goods from China seems to be especially often with the heavy metals loaded. The reports of the European rapid alert system for consumer products – short Rapex show. In the years 2015 to 2019, a total of 150 Rapex created messages to Cadmium in jewelry. Three of the four disputed products came from China. Also high levels of lead are a Problem in levels of 62 messages go to the account of the heavy metal. More than half of the affected piece of jewelry was made in China.

For products sold in the European Union, and is wearing a EU-based company the responsibility. For goods not manufactured in the EU, the EU importer. The company is named on the packaging and must ensure that the product is safe and legally compliant. “Not is entered, the product complies with the legal requirements of the European Union”, writes the Federal office.

Source: Federal office for consumer protection and food safety / Bavarian state office for health and food safety

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