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The flu wave is over

One of the health of the most dangerous times of the year is over. All the indications are that the flu wave has ended, such as in the current report of the working group Influenza at the Robert Koch-Institute.

Therefore, were registered as diseases in the past week in the whole of Germany, only 2618 flu. The number is significantly lower than the values of the previous weeks, in early March, Doctors reported more than 21,000 cases of influenza within a week.

In many of the samples sent by Physicians to the laboratory, the experts found in addition, no flu viruses. Instead, they came often comparatively harmless rhinoviruses that cause more than half of all colds, and especially after the end of the wave of Influenza will circulate.

811 flu-related deaths in the past few months

However, people can also develop the condition in the next few weeks, a real flu, however, only a few. Usually, the flu viruses circulating at the beginning of October to mid-may. The wave of Flu is, however, officially terminated, if less than one-fifth of the samples that send Doctors by patients with flu symptoms to the laboratory, in fact, flu viruses are found.

Overall, Doctors have reported to the Robert Koch Institute since October 177.902 cases, in which influenza disease in the laboratory has been confirmed. The actual number of people Affected is likely to be significantly higher, since not all Doctors of any potential flu patients to take samples and send them to the lab.

21% of the reported patients had to be treated in the hospital. The number of deaths where the Flu was detected, is increased to 811.

Deaths inflammation often lung

Still, it is too early to draw for this Winter’s final balance sheet. Now, however, safe to say that the flu wave is down this year significantly lighter than last Winter. At the time, 333.567 people, in whom the infection was detected ill between the end of December and the beginning of April. 1665 patients died as a result of the flu.

The real flu is caused by Influenza viruses. It is typical that a very sudden severe symptoms, including high fever, muscle and headaches. The cause of the deaths is bacterial pneumonia, which can occur as a result of the flu are common. Less commonly, it also comes to viral pneumonia where the flu virus self-timer can be.