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Why fat makes the liver tired

A fatty liver can lead to Australian researchers reported that iron can not be used by the body sufficiently. This makes the Affected tired, so it may be very difficult for the therapy instructions doctor – namely, a diet and sports – to follow.

Not laziness, but a lack of iron could it be the people prevents with fatty liver disease to improve their condition: In the current study has shown that people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a lower level of cardiovascular Fitness. The researchers attributed to a functional iron deficiency, in which, although sufficient iron is present, it is not the metabolism but available. Professor John Olynyk from the Edith Cowan University in Perth, compares the Situation with a car with plenty of fuel in the Tank, the line to the Motor, however, is narrowed, so that the fuel reaches it. "We know that an iron deficiency can cause lethargy and fatigue, making it difficult for people to treiben&quot sports;, he said.

Iron deficiency makes it difficult Lebensstilächange

In the case of a fatty liver disease is a healthier lifestyle with weight reduction in the first place. For exercise and a modified diet will be recommended with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. Olynyk said: "This study shows that it may be more effective to concentrate initially on new ways to improve the availability of iron for the body. Thus, diet changes and physical activity can have a better effect and the severity of the fatty liver of sustainable influence."