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Children’s doctors are calling for a sugar tax

The professional Association of child and youth doctors (BVKJ) calls for the prevention of Overweight and obesity in Adolescents, the introduction of a sugar tax. A look abroad shows that this was an effective approach, said BVKJ President Thomas Fischbach in the German press-Agency. “The introduction of sugar taxes and thus higher prices passed to consumers, the desire for Sweets, the sales figures of fizzy drinks was established since the introduction of the tax significantly.”

That the legal prohibitions had, have shown the Smoking ban, as well as the alcopops tax. “After the policy had been assigned to the young people of the popular schnapps mixed drinks, with a special tax, which decreased sales within one year to 80 percent. In the example, but the examples of Mexico, France, Finland, Hungary and the UK show that control mechanisms can protect the health effective,” said Fischbach.

Nutri-Scores make a healthy diet easier

The Association welcomed the introduction of the Nutri-Scores, a labelling system on the nutritional value of food. “Its effectiveness has been proven in many scientific studies. Parents will have in the future easier to feed their children healthy,” said Fischbach. Nutri-Score is the content of sugar, fat and salt values of components such as dietary fiber and proteins is a recommend in a overall rating, and then specifies a single value – on a five-point scale from “A” on a dark green field for the most favorable balance sheet on a yellow “C” to a red “E” for the worst. The appropriate field is highlighted. The new Logo is intended to be a complement for the EU-wide mandatory nutritional value table, which is usually on the back of packs. The first products are already available to buy in German supermarkets.

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