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Muscle spasms: causes and the best tips for the treatment

Sometimes, you have sat too long in the office or intense Sport driven – it is the muscle hardening. And the innocuous-sounding so-called Myogelose can trigger unpleasant pain. It is usually created by overly tense muscles. Often you can feel the muscle hardening as a bead or small knot, in addition, the affected area is often sensitive to pressure.

Possible causes of muscle spasms

The musculature is tense strong, there are several possible causes. Triggers can be:

What happens in the muscle?

Is strained, like muscles, constricts the blood vessels. The result is that the muscles are not sufficiently supplied with blood and oxygen. The lack of blood flow to metabolic disturbances in the muscle cell. The muscle swells, the tension of the so-called muscle fibers is increased and the muscle hardened.

Neck, back pain and co.: What are the symptoms of Myogelose?

Initially, the Affected notes at a Myogelose a certain amount of Tension in the affected part of the body. In the hitlist of Muscle tightness on the front: neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs. Later, increased pressure sensitivity comes to. In addition, a strain of the relevant muscles usually causes complaints, for example, for back pain.

Therapy: Which treatment helps in a muscle hardening?

The goal of therapy is to alleviate the pain of the muscles and restore mobility. A hardening for many first does not sound dramatic – the common and untreated tension but increase the risk for a muscle tear or strain. Both are significantly cure more difficult.

Inflammation is the cause of the complaints, it is treated usually with medication. Otherwise, different measures are used in the therapy of a hardening. These include:

The muscles are not relaxed by these methods within one week, a doctor should be consulted.

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